Posted by: Family Media | May 17, 2010

Are “High Priests” Roadblocks to Christ?

“And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, He gave up His spirit. At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom” (Matthew 27:50-51a). What significance does this torn veil have for us today? It signified that now the way into the Holy of Holies (God’s presence) was open for all people, for all time, both Jew and Gentile. Before this dramatic incidence only the high priest was permitted to pass beyond this veil once each year to enter into God’s presence for all of Israel and seek forgiveness for their sins. Now Christ is our superior High Priest, and as believers in His finished work, we can now enter the Holy of Holies through Him. Jesus Christ, through His death, has removed the roadblocks between God and man, and now we may approach Him with confidence and boldness. But is this really the case today?

Many Christians nowadays have placed all their spiritual matters in the hands of their religious leaders (high priests known by various titles – pastors, priests, apostles, prophets, bishops, reverends, canons etc). There are some who hardly read the bible themselves; they rely entirely on what their preachers tell them. There are others who rarely take time to pray, but every Sunday when those who need prayers are called to the front, they never miss the opportunity to be prayed for. It is this quest for “intercession” that has borne the money-for-prayers culture where people may be required to “sow a seed” to “facilitate” prayers. There are also some churches that have set strict measures and boundaries for their members to reach God. But is this the right way to approach God? By placing fellow, imperfect human beings to “stand in the gap” for us, have we created barriers that have blocked our communion with God? If God is directly accessible to each one of us why do we need a go-between? Doesn’t this overdependence on “high priests” weaken our one-on-one relationship with the Lord, besides setting roadblocks to the “Holy of Holies” and encouraging commercialisation of the Gospel? In your opinion, what are some of the roadblocks this practice has created and how can we remove them?



  1. I think justiceis Guaranteed because we as christians we have been given a freedom of worship and expression. Not like the way Hon. Michuki wanted to bull us.

  2. Leaders have their place & they should never take the place of God. We have an acess to the father through the sacrificial death of Jesus, therefore what an opportunity for all the people to approach the Mercy sit and Plead our case and bring our sacrifices of praise & thanksgiving.

    It is God who has appointed some to be pastors,others apostles,others teachers,others prophets[right]and others evangelists…all for the building of the body of Christ which is Church.Having cited the one who has given them the offices settles their need to know their mandate.They are men and women of God to minister over others,but,not to lord over them as the temptation may be every rising of the sun.
    There are things that members of the church will traditionally not do without priest;for example sharing the Lord`s table or counseling their own self for pre-marriage or post marriage estate life.Remember non religious counselors may do that but the question is asked in a church concept.In an episcopal setting as I have read above;pastors,bishops or canons are our church terms both Roman catholic and protestant of my own.The term Apostle is mainly used by evangelical movement,and I do not have any problem with that.essentially it means someone who has had a personal encounter with the risen Christ,usually in a dramatic way.Wonder working way and does not connote special ability or disability to conduct healing services or annointing sessions because their is room to have false apostles.True apostles do exist as does true prophets.Another thing I would want you to learn is that the narrow understanding of a prophet is someone who God shows the future.You can imagine of a seer but this is not the case.A prophet is broading man or woman with a message from God.He [she] tells people about their relationship with God,How it can be improved if it is ailing and if they are lost in sin,that,God is not happy.They also must tell people the conciquencies[spelling error] for their Sin or sins.
    When the Arch bishop of the ACK for example said that ”nabii wamesema katiba hii ina kasoro”it did not mean that God has said it should or should not be approved.He gave people a reason to know that whether people vote Aye or nay,God will have the final say at the end of it kabisa.If he was a prophet of the narrow sense I talked about,angesema itapita ama hitapita.He is a prophet therefore, but not a seer. God can never lose grip of a state nor can his word be in vain.That is the reason I have prayed to vote on my own way whether popular or non popular…I believe I will vote Gods way as I believe He cannot mislead me;if I am lost,who else to search for me but Him.
    The other thing I would want to take unnecessary time to make you learn is that the title reverend is never able to stand alone.You can call me Pastor,but you cannot call me reverend stand-alone.You can call me reverend Joshua.Let me simplify for you;it sounds awkward to merely say Michuki without honorable..nor can you call him Honorable-stand-alone.neither can you call him honorable Mheshimiwa.It is called redundancy in college grammar.Basically when you have to use most titles,accompany them with surname at least.[I can now make a -U- turn]
    The need for the men and women of God is because of their calling,it is knowledge as well logical to say that since most christians can read the word on their own,then they can do away with the biblical offices.It is not WISE,though understandable.Let me tell you why:
    Very few times has the Lord introduced Himself to individuals[first timers]without using people or events;mostly He uses people to introduce others to Him.A good example is a castrated man of former ethiopia who was reading scripture like one would read,say a grain of wheat[that of i think Ngugi wa thiongo],or The merchant of venice[that of William Shakespheare]That is why you remember Philip asking him how he,Philip,could be of help.He helped him get a new revelation of the scripture and even went ahead to baptize him.These are some of the things the Ethiopian could not have done alone clockwise or anti clockwise.What do you think?

    Another point that has to come to your minds is that all of as are not at the same spiritual level;be we pastors,or lay brothers and sisters in the lord.If it were so this faith would be easier,but it is not designed to be easy…only that the yoke of Christ cannot be compared to the yoke of the giant power of evil.This means that there are some that are being born,others are getting weaned[introducing something else apart from mothers milk]others are walking[I was told mavuno church has a very good Christian manual called MIZIZI.I have not read it but I think that is the Concept the pastoral team had in their minds as well].others are grown up adults and they can ask themselves how the lord wants them to serve in their particular churches such that they do not be hearers only but doers as well.This is what I tell my congregation’push your seat forward”hallooo!

    Grown up christians can equally assess the throne of mercy like the priests in prayer and intercession,in preaching and in teaching with equal anointing,but since they are not ordained,they should not do the work of the ordained[sometimes it is possible to be ordained but not annointed,but it does not mean you can necessarily close that gap anyhow.God know how he deals with priests and our work.These are the only Christians who can access the throne with breakthrough because the already have had it.Otherwise even us pastors need to be pastored when we are low[We also sing with Mbuvi..nikilemewa nishike..and usually we require others maturer than our level.In NO WAY CAN YOU DISPENSE PRIESTLY OFFICES.

    It is laughable though that some Christian wont read wont pray alone.Eeish!The pastor cannot be there for you always,as you may have seen,but Jesus is.If only you knew what a friend for sure you have in Jesus.All your thanks and griefs and pains to bear.Take somethings to the lord without requesting me,if you are a mature in faith Christian,
    Standing in the gap is not essentially bad at all.Asking for prayer money or seed is what should be thought about with a spirit of courage and sound mind.Am told some apostles are selling annointing oil depending on the level of the strength.The stronger the power the more you pay.A small bottle the size of medium nivea for men,goes at 1000.How dont these oils have the same power if they have the same anointing by the same God?That is simply the answer I simply wont get anyway.Normally if you are faithful in your tithes and offering and firstfruits[which i am not]you do not have to make a seed anyway,this is what you do any other day.It must however be borne in mind that when your prayers are answered you have to make a thanks giving.Usually it is a post experience of answered prayer.Thanksgiving is a must to people who call God their God.

    But of course I do not deny that sometimes we misuse our God given role.Sometimes even us clergy cause some of our employees to procure an abortion by our harsh approaches,for example.If a personal is employed as a school mistress and she conceives[life begins at conception and should end through natural death as the will of God]many institutions chase them for good.Surely it is discipline gone far but those are our terms and conditions of employment.All the same I have always thought that the answer we should give such a school mistress to her question”WHAT CAN MAKE ME WHOLE AGAIN”is the answer”NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS”because chasing only instills discipline to those who are left behind but that is my independent opinion.
    Exposing somebody to a yoke that you wont try to lift even by trial is sin pastors.Jesus called it pharissaichal or hypocrisy.He told them without being harsh that they do not lord over others or make them carry burdens they themselves wont lift a finger to carry.That is very unrealistic because when we try to be holier than Jesus or powerful than jesus,people will just know anyway.Do you know that not everywhere jesus went,was ”able” to heal,everyday?Just think about that.I am not sure at Carpernaum he castigated their lack of faith.But when some of us cast devils with the same wavelength in every crusade they hold or make is debatable without losing faith in God.

    In conclusion it is imperative to be in church of priesthoold of all believers but where laity and clergy do different huduma.It is logical to think that we can go to the Lord without help but it is not completely safe or true because reasons are more than the few I attempted to give.
    If this essay helps you in anyway,then,it will have achieved its purpose for you.

  4. For me yes since the e judiciary now will be under strict supervision and the legal appointment process ensures that no qualified judge is appointed.

  5. its important for all christian to ask God for wisdom to read and understand the constitution. As the bible says, none is was wrong for some pastors to judge the yes camp people and even to curse them after the blast in uhuru park. Kenyans need to be tolerant and accommodate each other views.

    As a country we need to ask ourselves the reasons that made us yearn for a new const. The church leaders need to pray for Gods will to be done not campaigning with politicians thats why they is the state and religion.

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