Posted by: Family Media | May 25, 2010

Are You An Obstacle To Christianity?

So many people in our midst openly and proudly profess to be Christians. Whereas confessing one’s faith is perfectly in order, there is something out of order when some people claim to be Christians but their lifestyle proves otherwise. Why do so many of us put on the ‘Christian mask’ when it’s convenient and remove it whenever we feel it’s “getting into our way”? Some of us believe that we can do whatever we want to during the week – making merry and gratifying our cravings – but come Sunday, all we have to do is dress nicely, go to church, tithe, sing and pray, and we’ll be okay with God. After church service we revert back to our worldly ways waiting for another Sunday to “go before the Lord”.

Have you observed this kind of conduct among Christians? What do you think about it? And as a Christian, what do people see when they look at you? Do you read the Bible, understand its teachings and live by them? Are there people around you that you have blocked from accepting Jesus Christ as their saviour due to your double life? Have we become an obstacle to Christianity?



  1. Dear Author of this blog,
    It is shocking that you would post this article under the topic on Constitutions. Clearly you are insinuating that those of us voting YES are not putting our faith in practice. As a trained lawyer I am very disappointed at the handful of lawyers who have misadviced my Church leadership. However I have chosen not to demonize them because afterall even good students sometimes fail questions in an exam. Instead I choose to school them in legal interpratation. If I can extend this loving hand of Christ to you dear writer, why cant you do the same for me? What are the two greatest commandments dear writer????

  2. My friend has directed me to this blog. I have never been so embarrassed of my Christian brethren as I have been in recent months. (Please note I said brethren and not Christ!!!). It is very very very wrong of you to try and wrap your arguments in terms designed to guilt Kenyans to vote NO. Address the arguments on the Constitution based on what the document says. It DOES NOT open the door for elective abortions and voting YES does not mean that I am not living the word of Christ.

  3. God of Heaven & Earth Bless you & Keep you well in Christ Jesus.

    Thank you for making that observation in our Christianity today.

    May i begin with my own confession by clearly saying i have not walked in the Light, having struggled for too long with double life, it kills me to put the Name of our God to shame.

    I may be just one but i believe there are millions in our Nation & the World at large.

    Its ONLY a fervent spirit within me that has RESOLVED to NEVER give up in my quest for a quite, vibrant & fulfilling relationship with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

    Regardless of the grip the satan has enjoyed, God NEVER turn away a heart that longs for Him, may the Lord extend His TICKET of Mercy, Peace & Comfort to my fellow believers who have struggled with sin in their salvation.

    I have faith in those who have failed before than those who have never failed before, failure in not and end to anybodies life but a school of higher learning & men knowledge rule their world & are celebrated by their generation(s).

    Look at this this way you who have struggled this far, “There is is NO GENERAL without a SCAR,” be encouraged that God will NEVER take a back-seat & watch His own Perish..He has done it for me, He’s NOT a RESPECTER of ANY man or status..He WILL do it 4U in Jesus Name

    God’s Mission to LIBERATE His people: the greatest mission Jesus is doing right now is to Pray 4His church..lets join our Faith together in united prayers to Pray for the release our dear brothers & sisters & the Lord of Liberty & Peace will SMILE over you.

    Ps 107:1-43 Ps. 42:8-11 Ps 51:1-19 Isa. 6:7 Ps. 102:15-22 James 5:13-17 John 17:6-26 Mt. 17:21

    God’ Love sends Liberation Jn.3:17 Lets hold those who have backtracked in salvation & are struggling with an open & sincere Agape(God’s Love) & Prayers of intercession as Jesus is doing together with the Holy Ghost; God will Bless & Honor you B4 Him & men.




    In His Vineyard,

    Brother Eric John.

    0721 696 679

  4. Friends, I choose to take this on a different perception. Even though this topic is set on a blog talking on the issue of the constitution, The truth is that many Christians live a lie.

    However, I would like to think of how many of us have there own way of thinking about Christianity. The reason in Kenya we have a minimum of 100 application for new churches at Sheria house is proof enough of how the Christians in Kenya have failed to follow the word or should we call it diversity. In this I see even the so called ministers who teach the word failing on the area of submission and humility which are a part of the core beliefs of Christianity. And the many churches starting on the root of rebellion give birth to more churches with the same off shoot.

    The Question to ask remains “Am I calling righteousness what I think to be righteousness? or Like Paul to the church in Philippi “Philippians:3:9: And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith: “? How come many Christians on one hand are living and reducing Salvation to a matter of dos and don’ts? Who amongst us would stand before the holiness of God apart from the finished work of Christ on the cross?

    The other side of this debate is, How many of us live as the writer is saying taking the Grace of God in vain? How many amongst us are taking the grace of God as a licence for sin? How many have taken for granted God’s grace and think the price that Jesus paid was not price enough that they crucify Jesus a second time?

    Kenya is at the crossroads and I will conclude with the words of Isaiah the Prophet.Isaiah 3:10-11: Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings. Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him.(KJV)

    Natujichunguze wenyewe tujue tunavyo simama mbele zake Bwana.

  5. Eric;Well said our bro.
    Sometimes you have to be mad with the evil forces.sometimes you have to call the fire of mt carmel contest..Sometimes you have to ask the devil:so what?

  6. One thing that I appreciate about Christ is that he was not interestd in setting up a political and earthly kingdom despite that expectation from the Israeleites. If only we sincerely sought God’s will in all our undertakings in life through prayer, supplication and fasting, he would show us what way in the constituion debate. if only we could trust and obey Him and seek His Kingdom first, He would take care of all other things according to His will.

    However, as christians, we have become so embolled in the earthly kind=gdom to the extent of forgetting our calling and that is why we are openly quarelling over whether to vote yes or no. My strong take is that this constituion has not come from the Lord and therofore it should not divide us into Yes or No. Why do i say that, am quite as uncomfortable us having the Khadhi courts entrennched in the costitutio in the same breadth that it is a secular constitution. So eithr way for the devil, he wins!

    If Kenya is 80% Christian, then we should have a christain based constitution but still allow for freedom of worship. A number of counrtyes eg. norway clearly indicate that they are a Christian state and Christianity as a state religion. Why can we press for such?

  7. @ Wambui Thuo, I partly agree with especially with the last part of your thoughts. I fully agree with you that we ought not be divided as a nation but It is impossible for us not to be. Many who have made their stomachs their gods have chosen to say yes to things that they have known to be ungodly in the draft constitution.

    Looking at the ruling made by the 3bench judge which in part indicated Kenya as a secular nation is absolutely a lie. I would rather think of Kenya as a nation that is governed on the basis of humanistic ideologies and thus the entrenchment of God in the constitution. In every human it has been said is a void that can only e filled by God. This makes it clear that the government would like to allow those that believe in God and those hat don’t are on the same footing. However in this draft constitution it says that there is no state religion yet goes ahead to vouch for Islam as a religion to be protected by the same. It is obvious that Muslims are a majority compared to the Hindus who when the case was filed in court sent a n affidavit questioning the reason for Islam having an upper hand to other religions.

    It should be noted that before the UN is a petition by Muslims that their religion should be given the same upper hand and special consideration and that no Muslim should renounce it as a religion. That leaves the room for the Sharia law to be entrenched even in countries that say they are Christian. If the new Constitution is passed, Kenya shall be party to this international legislation and thus it becomes law in Kenya.

    We may be 80% Christian in Kenya but sad to say that it has been proved that in a given Sunday on7% of the Christians go to church in Nairobi- In spite of the many Mega and under-the tree churches we see in Nairobi. Many of the proponents of the Yes campaign are the Peters, Marys and Johns- Christians. But how many of these take time to read and seek the will of God in a given day?

    The other aspect of this, are the many churches who are saying “our pulpits are not for the discussion of politics.” In this we find a majority of Christians who haven’t taken time to read the draft and have made a decision on either Yes or No. In their ignorance, they are swayed by what they hear and react to what they feel is or ought to be. We forget that these laws shall be used to govern even the spiritual dimension of the people. The churches ought to understand that Christians have a mandate to have an impact in their present lives as they await the return of Christ. That is why the parable of the talents reveal the foolish servant was take into jail for not using the talents as it was expected by the master.

    I would rather do my part in telling the congregation on the ills and benefits in this constitution and leave it to them to make an informed decision on the matter.

    The future of our children is in this draft. Looking at History, The American nation had from its founding a Christian focus. However until after the 60’s the nation started moving away from God and today over 50Million abortions take place in the country- One nation under God. UCLA and its supporters have done all to see God removed from the Constitution. In Kenya… we are following the same trend and I think the groundwork is laid for the one world government and the spirit of the Anti-Christ is already at work.

    Blessings to all

  8. We were created in God’s perfect image to accomplish His purposes here on earth. We were given the authority to suddue the earth Gen.1:28

    God’s word will never change to accomodate our arguements, ideas ….etc. God will not share His glory with another.

    Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things shall be given to you as well.

    Let us seek God in all things and be the salt and light in this world.

    “And will not God bring about justice for His chosen ones, who cry out to Him day and night. Will He keep putting them off? I tell you He will see that they get justice and quickly. However, when the son of man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”(Kenya) Matt.18:6-8

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