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A New Constitution; How will it affect my life?

To have or not to have a new constitution is the question all Kenyan citizens are juggling with during this time as they decide whether or not to pass the draft constitution. To have a new constitution means many things to majority of Kenyans.

Many religious based Kenyans have accused the document to be unrealistic and favoring the Islamic religion. In addition to this, a majority of Kenyans have voiced for contentious issues – devolution, abortion, Kadhi courts and land ownership-in the draft to be addressed.

For the Christian community, some feel that their voices have not been heard and the thought of going back to the drawing board is still possible. There are those who feel that though the draft constitution is not perfect, the contentious issues could still be addressed and modified with time.

At the end of it all, the answer settles with us, what will it mean for us if this constitution goes through? Will the so termed contentious issues be addressed as promised by the current coalition government?
All in all, if the draft constitution is passed how will it affect your life or mine? Shall we not make our decisions based on Christian values and morals?



  1. i think the constitution will channge my life but let me say this if those years we had changed that would ave been a step now we would be doing step two.To me lets pass this constitution there are many other amendments on the way years to come.linus

  2. The one thing I see is that the draft constitution will past despite a majority of us voting NO. This should be a wake up call for the government to start the amendments that Christians and other people are voting no. It shall be a new dispensation for Kenya.

    Garnering 1million signatures for a petition for the amendment is possible. This is possible considering it is 9% of the total registered voters. Then we can go into a tribunal and a referendum for the same purpose.

    As for the Muslims this is not an attack on Islam but a demand that all religions be considered on the same basis. Let there be an inclusion then of the desires of all other religions. For in Christianity and Hinduism, we have administrative procedures and not necessarily entrenched on the constitution.

    I ask Christians not to sleep even after this passes. Their voices has been heard. We ought to go back to the drawing board.

  3. To have a new constitution means many things to different people.It is like a moment when Israel was expecting the year of the Lords favour whereby: The captives would be set free,the poor would receive good[economic]news,and the opressed[socially]would breathe afresh,and the marginalized would shout Hurrah- we are kenyan after all.
    But is it all realistic?Do not be cheated.Somewhere is true and somewhere else untrue.

    I agree with Chege,above,that the constittion is likely to pass.If it passes, it will be because Christians who are said to be majority in this country will have chosen to have it as it is,and then push for the amendments later.This will not in any way show any betrayal of Christianity.I wrote the other time,that what christians are in want now is justice to all or justice to none.This makes sense that there is a different approach in situations when one is fighting for justice,or human rights and democracy and when one is fighting for an affront of her faith.You know Christ has done so much for us that we cannot tell it all.He has taken away cancer off our bodies and others he has given grace to move on with live as such,some have said to have undergone more operations at hospital than the doctor understands[and they came out alive and walks our streets with you and me today]others have seen God[as we say outside the church after sunday service as we shake hands and share how the week was]This makes sense as well, to point ou,t that those who are alive today,are alive because Christ has commanded life in them.Dont you think they can be ready to die for Him if the situation so demands,now that He made them live for His glory?But the situation does not mean so.If it meant so,you would count Njoya and Gitari in the forefront,believe you me.sic.
    I am not yet decided myself but voting is a couple of months away,anyway.Am leaving my mind as open as possible.
    I must point out that many kenyans today are socialised to think individual.They think in terms of what they benefit directly,and very directly.When Njoya was clobbered outside ALL SAINTS CATHEDRAL then,I was a Secondary School boy…probably I had done exam.I have an opinion that although he criticizes the likes of our age ,[who did not get scholarships to attend Claremont or Fuller or Emory Seminaries,it is because we did not have facilitation; but we would love to.]Njoya was not clobbered for his sake.
    Maathai was not battered for her sake.she was fighting abboretum[sp.]war; She was fighting for the rights of trees even!Those who do things for others make life more of life I believe.unLike wangari and Njoya I am not sure that is my courage.
    When Kenyans take kenya like a roasted maize cob where one picks the ready,edible conrow and leaves the rest to wait,there will be a problem.The women will take the row that guarantee their upliftedness,the youth will take the row that promises jobs in a jobless kenya,the Muslim will take what guarantees them better citizenry,The human rights activist take what promises human dignity in future…and what next?The unborn will have no one to speak on their behalf,the aged will be trammpled by the youth along the road[to wherever]…but remember even the youth run and grow weary.An observation made long time ago,very far away by a prophet like i am.Then unless you are a hiv infected you will never speak for the hiv infected,you will never ever think outside malaria or typhoid for instance.these are signs of a nation losing God in an attempt to be Godly and ahead-looking.

    The constitution will not benefit me directly.If it improves the quality of human life and livelihood,i am willing to benefit.May be it will even make people poorer and then they will depend more on God and I will be happier.But indeed showing the jobless youth that it is such a wonderful document that by August 5th they will have a job[even blue collar]makes me like cry,and unwilling to appreciate politicians even more.
    Kenya more than anything else wants peace.They can soil their hands whichever way in a conducive environment,and have bread on their table whichever way.But in my opinion,unless the Country depoliticizes the human blood,and faces all the issues that take peace away from us[at least a primary school girl should be able to list them down….the issues one by one for ten marks]peace remains a theory.It must must be rhethorical.very unfortunate.
    Economy drive may improve as the economists and business people are telling us.but given the chain it is,people have to wait downstream,maybe it is for our children and grandchildren.To make them have better life than we have in this generation,we will have done what a nation ought to do.
    I will vote on that day in the way I decide,but over and above I am not excited.

  4. If passed, Will the new constitution change my life? Yes, that’s obvious. You know, the Bible is the constitution for heaven’s kingdom (for the Bible says that the word of God is forever established in heaven). The reason why the Word of God has power to positively affect its believer and judge the enemy, is because it is sealed by the blood of Christ (that’s why they say ”…they overcame him by the blood…”) So all the old testament covenants are fulfilled in Christ’s shed blood at the cross. If there is no shedding of blood then the covenant is of no effect, Hebrews says. Likewise The constitution is a covenant between the land and the people. There is no covenant that can stand if no blood is shed. The Biblical covenant has eternal effect because the One who mediated it offered His blood through the eternal Spirit. That’s why it was once and for all. This one will need a constant shedding of the blood of innocent babies. The Kenyan constitution, though it promises economic, political and social stability, may not be as positively expected by some. Coz, as a covenant, it is being sealed by the blood of innocent babies. Dont be fooled, the enemy knows his calculated moves. The problem will arise when the blood of the innocent babies begins to cry to God for vegence, from the ground. From the Word of God, it should be known that the nation that stands against The Jewish nation of Israel will suffer natural calamities. While the nation that kills the innocent must suffer social upheaval. The Bible reveals in Genesis 9:6, that when man sheds man’s blood, his shall also be shed by man. We know the groups that have no problem sheddin blood like the mungiki and Islamic fundamentalists. Is that not the reason why the muslims have a foothold. The enemy is ready to turn Kenya into another Somalia. With this in mind we must fight to shoot down this constitution coz it is an attempt by the enemy to destroy Kenya.

  5. This constitution process is not a contest or show down. The church is not trying to flex its muscles or show its might. It is about standing for what one believes, for how one wants to be governed. And in my humble opinion it is spiritual warfare.

    Whether or not the constitution is passed, the church will have stood its ground. Even if for the next 100 years this act will not be remembered, it does not matter. God will have seen where each one of us stood.

    Will there be more bread on my table if the proposed draft is passed? I don’t see how.

    Will my life change? Yes it will! First people will (probably) gloat over the ‘NO’ crusaders’ loss, (which we really do not consider a loss anyway). Second – the spiritual implications of having the draft passed will be felt.

    My two cents.


    • beth,lets have anew system.katiba ni sasa.YES!

  6. In this constitution is not only about the Kadhi’s courts but the out lawed sects like Mungiki shall have a right to become. Same sex marriages shall have a bone to pick with anyone as in this draft it clearly states that no one shall be discriminated on either their sex orientation among other things- You the Christian who believes in the Bible calling this an abomination shall be taken to court if and when you don’t employ or terminate a person’s employment for what you believe.

    The abortion and the kadhi courts are an obvious one… However how about the issue on citizenship where a child who appears to be eight without parents or no background shall be assumed to be Kenyan- With the porous borders?

    How on earth do we say that his document is the best any country can ever have? Saying yes is trying to be politically correct for a Christian who believes in the sanctity of the Word of God, and one that cares about the future of Kenya.

    This is not an exam where one clause hold 25 marks and the other scoring less. It is about the lives of the 40million Kenyans and their future generations

      These contributions are very valuable Beth, Chege et al. I agree that whenever we say what we believe in and nobody takes it our way, we do not suffer loss. In fact just like it is said,one must have courage to stand in a world of yes as the lone voice of No,if that no is the correct position or conviction point.

      Chege notes that this law may allow same sex marriages in kenya. I am sure we know how unfortunate this can be. The only approved way is the Gods way.That of man and woman.The only thing I have no problem with is that this law will give everybody protection regardless of race, gender,sexual orientation or the estate one lives in.It will accord dignity even to the gay.Christians will continue to preach against this gay thing and they of course will not land into jail.This is how so: Is being gay a free choice?No.Is it a sin for man to have sex with another man?Yes.Do you try to get the difference?I know it is hard for christians see the difference but this is a fact.Also be aware that the church is expected to be part of the solution on the morals today rather than being part of the problems. How do you account for people who are born less advantage like the rest of us…the gay, the albinos,those with both male and female sexual organs.Do you try to imagine the loss they feel in their lives really?Do you try to imagine they wish how good it would feel to hold a girlfriend dorned in red on valentines day or just sunbath together on the sands of the coast?Have you heard either of them tell you their story how they are pressured to bring home their lady and how it gives them ulcers unnecessary?Have you had their cowards who have committed suicide because they have tried to be attracted to the opposite sex and it did not work?
      If you have,you can do something about,if you have not, then other peoples worries are not your worries.It is better to be part of the solution than being part of the problem indirectly.You know why?I am a man and knows that child bearing is painful.The difference with me and my wife is that,she knows the extent of the pain.I know the pain,but I only speculate the extent.She does not speculate the pain,it is her pain.How I wish Christians would understand the weight of burdens they themselves do not carry?How I wish I understand better the degree of madness of the lady without clothes at our shags market?How I wish Christians accept science to play some bits of information in their world?Tell me why you had urgued all along that the world is like a tray and burnt at stake[tied on firewood]Galileo whose scientific discoveries showed the earth is globular??Yet today most of you are the proudest of the geography teachers?Remember the bible in many pages talks of the wind blowing in the four corners of the earth.This was the view of st paul the revelator in the last book of the Bible.The Bible reads the same today yet we know the shape of the earth.It is globular.We have not managed to go round it individually or severally,but we have been told and we can now have it at that.The reason we could not believe it then,is because that was not the right time to do so.Now is the write time to do so.
      All of us cannot be gay?It is not possible because it is not contagious like say cough or sneeze.Even peer pressure cannot,that is the good news.that is why you may count a few things you did through peer influence,but they range behavioral.They range drinking,rape,smoking,stealing,cheating but not homosexuality.There is no way on this earth a person heterosexual can turn homosexual in the scientific sense of the word.What can happen is that people can be male prostitutes who engage in sex,which I said Is a sin,because the bible I read is your Bible.Having sex with own sex remains sin in my bible.I must be to loyal to the lord up to the end.
      When the religious people brought a woman caught in adultery to the court of jesus what did He do to her?He did not approve her stoning,but he reminded them of their sins.remember your sins as I remember mine. remember you anger,remember you cheat or lie,remember you wander [with a lady though by eyes only]remember your sins brethren but dont condone homosexuality.
      I have never taken a sip of pombe my whole life but I always try to understand why I see marriages break due to alcohol.Primary school days were very alcoholic with millet every side of the path to school,and so many mothers doing it,yet god did not want me in that direction.halleluyyah.
      Dont fear to preach.pastors and Imams must preach and nobody can harm you by so doing.What the government cannot allow done is stoning the sinners may the be witches like the lady who gave me an orange thirty years ago but I threw away because the lord said so..yet so tiny was I.The government cannot let you stone gay women or men just because they have not harmed anybody.Your mandate is preaching to them.It ends there and God takes from their.The other reason they will be protected is because they are SINNERS.The only people the governments wont protect are CRIMINALS.Sinners like you and me need the word from the holy book.And there must be conviction through the power of God.This preaching must bring change.
      As I had said in my earlier article,the day christians will at least try to understand the weight of the burden they do not carry themselves,they will be more christlike. But for now what I see,read and hear is zealotry.Everyday chopping the ears… and their master busy picking and replacing the ears that would not have been chopped in the first place.When will this ever end?Will our master ever stretch His back or forver will he bow for the lost ears??

      • Wow… My brother Joshua Jeremiah… I have never looked at the issues of the gay from that perspective. If anything, I have always said that let them do their thin out there and not bring it to me. Nevertheless, I like the fact that you are putting it as it is. That Homosexuality is sin. So is bestiality, fornication and adultery- where the two are mainly heterosexual. The one thing my dear brother I wish to make clear is that I am ignorant of sexual orientation and how they come about- However I would not change the word of God. Si it shall stand forever established. I love the example of the woman caught in adultery. The words Jesus used make an impact to this day on earth. “If anyone is without sin, let him be the first to cast a stone on her.” Jesus didn’t condemn her not because he too had sin… but that He knew that forgiveness of sin brought life because she knew that she had received a second chance in life. So Jesus says to her “go and sin no more.” I appreciate you saying that we ought to preach the word… [As it is] . We ought to leave the conviction to be done by the Holy Spirit Himself. It is not in self righteousness that we ought to preach the word but in humility knowing that we are sinners saved by grace through faith and this that no one should boast. Even so as the rest of people called to preaching, I hope that I would not be taken to court as it is happening in Europe and the US for preaching the word.
        Apart from homosexuality, I beg that my brother you will notice that my focus was not on homosexuality but on the loopholes in the current draft. When it says that marriage shall be between a man and a woman, it leaves gaping holes that need to be challenged. I have noted that in the freedoms groups like the Mungiki- which for Naiobians and those in central Kenya has seen its ferocity- can be scared if they are legalized… or the mount Elgon defense force… or any other group in that case. I have also brought out the issue of citizenship which opens another hole.
        My concern is, if passed would this constitution offer equal treatment of its citizens.

      Chege;You are a man after God`s own heart and righteousness.
      I was expecting salvo and another ear down!It is good you seem to have a teachable and open spirit for learning.The only thing you have to do is always know that although we are teachers,Jesus is the greatest teacher ever lived.I am told no one has ever again taught like this man.It is good to always try to understand the mind he had.As you observed,He did not condemn the lady caught in compromising situation,but the instruction was firm and pointblank:Na wewe acha hii mambo kabisa,kama unataka ushindi dhidi ya dhambi,mimi ndiye anayepeana msamaha wa kweli,bring it to the lord in prayer.Can a man,or even a woman turn back that kind of approach?I would not.
      Jesus was and still is not like that always;see for example above,he did not condemn the lady.But again remember that snobbish young man[dont ask me how old I am]who wanted to have close walk with Jesus,and yet the time he had for Jesus was very little if kind enough to have any.He needed rebuke.Enda umalizane na biashara zingine…go sell what you have,share to the poor and come back.He knew the young man would not come back and this could have been the reason he asked the disciples,if they were aware also that they were at liberty to leave Him if they so wanted.One of them said they could not go because they wanted life[In the beginning was the Word,and the Word was with God,and the Word was Life…and also I think was the light of we-men women and children.Here He rebuked and was harsh.
      The problem with us is that we cannot be like Christ in different situations to different situations.
      Did you say you are ignorant on Sexuality?It makes me understand why you view homosexuality as you did.It is studied among other issues in psychology and abnomormal psychology.There are several groups of normal sexuality.Asexual[Those people who have no attraction to either people of their own sex or the opposite,they may marry and have children but to them it is a duty]Bisexual[They have stronger attraction to members of the opposite sex but they have other tendencies of homosexuality].Homosexual[These are completely disengaged to what may attract people to opposite sex]Some great men of the Bible are though to have been created this way but they had no excuse to sin.They were given sufficient grace.Definately they would have wanted to be in the accepted bandwagon of family,children and so on.Heterosexual;[These are naturaly attracted to the opposite after puberty,it is permanent and natural.The accepted way in the Bible.
      The important thing is for everybody to pray for everybody.
      You do not have to consider homosexuality with beastiality[sexual attraction or sexual contact with an animal],paedophilia[Sexual attraction or sexual contact with children or babies{Remember the study on children is called paeditrics.}These and countless many more-philias you may get at Wikipendia are abnormal.They need pastors for deliverance,counsellors for behavoiur change,and police and law for correction.Many years will be taken before the world is able to understand new discoveries.The whole mess,in fact lies with understanding homosexuality as a condition and homosexual tendencies like too much lady like grooming,manicure,curling of hair etc.These essentialy are homo-tendencies but they do not carry any sin in them.I dont think I can curl my hair though.
      The idea of woman to woman sex disturbs people and I even try not to understand its possibility by the notion that life is not about intercourse sexualy.
      Chege do you think a peacekeeper that gets damaged below the belt in battle field can ever be sexual again?People without sexual organs can be sexual.We must always remember that God is the master maker.No loss without substitute.never ever.
      Back to the Katiba:
      I believe that you guys will go back to the articles I wrote earlier on.I had made it clear that whether No or Yes wins,the Cross can never suffer loss.[Remember he is still building the church and he does not expect the gates of hell to face its way.They could even be twenty,leave alone these two. Yet because you told me you believe in the Bible,I again repeat that none of the gates should be built facing this way.gates of hell?No.I even wonder where God is not…there they can build even a palace.
      Case ONE:In my opinion if No wins,the Lord will be showing the World that He is in control of Kenya,the church is strong and He is still building it and the State can count on the church for direction.It will also show that over and above God was not happy on the way the state handled the men and women of God[unafiki not withstanding as they would brag]I had asked in another article why mortals should treat mortals like so.It would also show that God had foreseen another trouble and used these two issues to ward off the gates of hell.The church can thank God at Uhuru pack
      Case TWO.
      If Yes Wins,what would be the implication?
      God would be saying to the church,that,all that can be shaken has been shaken.Probably He may have seen people full of religiosity that lacks power and He wants the Church to make another strategy that He is ready to lead Us,as ever.
      I will share the strategy if the Lord puts it in my mouth.But people have to pray,Repent and be pure so that they can identify with Him who is pure.The good thing with the pure in heart is that they will see God.Seeing God is winning.
      It will also show us that the church has a following,but very liberal unlike in the middle ages of the church fathers eg St Clement of Capadocia[spelling wrong]Gregory of Nissa and even more liberalised than that time of our own Luther [Marto]of Europe and calvin[Jonie] of Scotland and Wesley[Jonie pia] of England.It will mean we have a church but they are very liberal.
      In every sense,Voting a No or a Yes,is not sin,ethics and morals do not bear same weight as doctrinesSsay salvation in jesus through grace alone,by faith alone as found in the scripture alone[sola gratia sola fide sola scriptura].
      It will also mean that the Bishops communicate but they are not able to connect.Communication is not the same as connecting.Connecting is the whole essence of message delivery and is more so powerful.If they were serious enough they would send youth,to youth, for example for connectivity.Dont you forget youth and the old view the world differently.Dont you forget majority of voters are youth.Whereas I may tell my mother this draft is bad and she takes me at that,my niece asks me;”How so?”Do you get the difference between my mother and her daughter`s daughter?
      If Yes wins, we for sure will know the youth did not support the No vote,but one thing I know is they will provide signatures the following sunday if needed.They will not vote Yes because they are muslim.No.They will do so because they want change;a characteristic of youth is to what change.And they do not fear.Fear comes later after the action.[A good example is unprotected sex and a rush to pharmacy for e-pill].The same reason,not because they want abortion merchants to make money,no,it is because they know what can go wrong in kenya,can go wrong anyway.Law or no law.
      If Yes wins and for any reason there is assult on Christian Faith.You will see their true colours..I only pray they should never go ahead of their pastors because it is not Biblical.But I am sure nobody is attacking Christian faith.
      Christ Himself may be awaking us from Comfortable zones,so that law or no law..”Onward christian soldiers..matching as to war”Who ever said Christianity should be protected in law?Strength to strength should oppose…,and the God that answers with fire is God.[Different religions worship someone or something,but the one that is able to heal people from their disease,the one that is able to restore sight to the blind,and one that is able conquer not by power or arsenal but by Spirit is the relevant God.People will so know him.Abba father is likely the God.Jesus has no equal in above.
      If you are taken to court for preaching,praise the lord in court.History will repeat it self. paul and silas have been there,done it.the church will be born again.Chege fear Not.Where there is God there is no fear.

      • Mungiki and other gangs can never be legalised.They have no job description.They can only operate as hirelings by politicians.Crime must be tackled whether yes or no wins.I do not pay tax to be axed.

      • Joshua, Thanks for the compliments my brother. I am one who has been forgiven and deserved to die in my sin/s. And like the guy whose debt was canceled in the Parable of Jesus, I won’t go to any other person who seems much worse in my eyes and beat em up. Like Paul to the Philippians, Ph’p:3:7-14: But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ.Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ, And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith: That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death; If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead. Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus. Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. (KJV)

        I would like to emphasize Verse 9 in this quote:And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith: Sad to say that the church is full of men and women full of zeal- yet moving in their own righteousness. Some has said that Today more than ever before the Glory of God may depart and the Holy Spirit may stop working and over 80% of churches would continue without knowing it. It is a sad situation.

        Back to the constitution: Thank you for bringing the 2perspectives you have brought of what would happen after the 4th August. I must confess that in all this debating, I am looking beyond that date. Watching the Christian World news on Family TV(airs on Sunday and Thursday) I saw how a British street preacher was arrested for allegedly being homophobic from quoting scripture to a cop who was testing him. Back in ’97 when the partial birth abortion bill was passed in the US. I remember the whole summer churches lobbied and Bill Clinton- Christian accented to it. There could be a debate on the separation of state and the church just as it is doubted whether Obama is a Christian or not for the things He is allowing. It is all muddled up. Even so these things shall come to be in Kenya. The challenge for the Kenyan Christians shall be How do you handle this change. In the amendments for this draft, is an inclusion for the public to demand for the changes to be made. Garnering the 1million signatures would not be an up hill task. What I think as Christians we ought to do is brace for that. For indeed the church is divided on this matter as in any other matter- The church has been divided on things that many orthodox Christians call absolutes in the Bible.

        The voice of the church has been heard. Where the church has lost credibility by preaching water and drinking wine. It is time to mend our ways. Nevertheless, we ought not stop talking of the ills we see in our society. We will be persecuted for them but don’t bridle your tongues when it comes to speaking for righteousness and holiness. Let us be geared to making the amendments because this draft constitution shall pass.

        I sign off with this I raise my voice in saying no to the draft via the ballot… so that we can make the room for the amendment. There are things good in this constitution but it could be better.

    • I get you;to know Him and the power of ressurection is absolute.
      Am praying that God will give us peace;and,that ammendments will do such that all can enjoy a new costitution.

      • Red to get out of Egypt Green the colour of the promised land we can not just match to the promised land with out the blood we are bound to face crazy challenges.

      • Please explain further @ gladtidings

  7. Will this constitution change my life when passed?Oh you bet it will.
    I’m still juggling with the thought of whether my children will be safe with the new constitution.and i totally second Beth what spiritual implications will the draft have if it is passed.

  8. Dearest Brethren in Faith,
    Calvary Greetings to you all.

    Firstly I thank you all for your valuable input on this contentious issues…..@Beth….you have hit the nail on the head…..We all know the word of God regarding this nation…how kenya is to be the springboard of revival to all of africa and the rest of the world.The enemy is obviously not happy with this.Its more than a Yes or a No….its a battle that touches on the very moral fabric of christianity.Its no wonder some who profess christianity are busy calling the no camp hypocrites.

    Brethren,let us embrace the spirit of forgiveness as we pray for them.If Yes o No wins,i have no
    issue.we will go down the history books as having stood for what is right….like stephen,Naboth,john and many who stood for righteousness….

    I will stand for what is right…en vote NO…..

  9. The constitution if passed shall change our lives.the question remains if the change shall be positive or negative.But we hope for the positive.for amendments,once passed,we shall get to know many other things that need amendments.

  10. It was all over the news today that treasury approved an IMF loan without parliamentary consent.

    I have been told that ministers cannot act on issues concerning the country without parliamentary consent.

    So what is what? How can I now trust the proposed constitution – given the loopholes. How can I trust that a minister will not act of his own discretion and sign documents that will bind me and my country to treaties that I have no idea existed in the first place?

    May God continue revealing this faults as we approach August 4th.


    • OK Beth, REMEMBER that it is the current constitution that is governing Kenya and not the proposed one. Therefore, approving the proposed draft means eradicating such discouraging actions by our leaders.

  11. Greetings to you all dear brethren.Like Beth my prayer is for God to keep revealing the faults in this draft constitution as the DDay approaches.
    And i choose to stand by God’s values, statutes well stated in His Constitution.I would rather count as the few who stood their ground to the very end.
    My decision still stands at NO to the proposed draft.

  12. Yes it is going to affect my life in a very big way. This proposed constitution has a lot of flaws, never mind the kadhis courts and abortion. Things pertaining our sovereignty, right to life, freedom of the media etc. I just wish I were able to share my thought with you without being told that am in-sighting. Fellow brethren, it is our out most responsibility that we understand the consequences of passing this constitution. I would urge you faithfuls to get a copy of the current constitution then compare it with the proposed one. Then and only then will you understand the pit that we unknowingly are getting into. After passing this constitution, there is no going back. If we have waited for this constitution for the past 20 years, what is wrong with waiting a further 3 months? Many people also say that majority of Kenyans are Christians. Well, let us not forget that the Bible says not all who says Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of Heaven. Being a christian is all about being Christ like.
    My vote is a NO. I would rather be alone voting no, but I will keep on going on. Remember what Shadrach,Meshach and Abednego said before they were thrown into the fire; that the God they serve is able to deliver them, and even though He does not deliver them, they still shall not compromise. Thats my stand to. Let us not compromise with the devil. Let us not give him a chance to control our lives. God bless you all.

  13. The constitution will affect me in a way because of those changes that we will want amended.However the supreme constitution governing our lives as Christians is found in the Bible.Since that is not under review then we are safe if we live according to is the only perfect constitution.

  14. we need change in our nation…. i hard even bishops have big lands and plots owned by churchs in funny style…. just to earn their living surely are we heading to heaven.

    Enock Opara Makokha

  15. The new constitution definitely has a lot to benefit me as a citizen of Kenya. However I don’t quite rule out that there are no problems in the draft; approximately 90% of the draft is good while the rest poses mixed reactions and disagreements among Kenyans which is quite worrying.

    BUT I have an opinion which seems to me as a solution to the current rifts between YES and NO camps. From my analysis, I have realized that both YES and NO camps holds the SAME OPINION; amendments of contentious issues if need maybe. NO camp says; TUIANGUSHE, TUIREKEBISHE NA TUPITISHE KATIBA ISIOKUWA NA DOSARI while the YES camp agrees that the draft has 10% problematic issues which will be looked at after appproval i.e referendum and be amended.

    If I may ask, which process is easier and cheaper? First, consider that this constitutional review process has costed Kenya a lot of money and time. Secondly, failure of this draft will kill the mood of virtually every Kenyan citizen in participating in any other review process.

    Therefore, instead of dividing kenyans as leaders yet we hold the same opinion, why can’t we approve the proposed constitution and then continue pressing for amendments later? Because if we continue this way, Kenya will never see any new constitution of its own nor have any reforms yet we know how impunity has been the order of the day.

  16. Mine is a comment. Yes we want reforms. So many kenyans feel and think that by passing this constitution, then it will be part of reforms. So many have even pointed out the injustices committed in the past and even some claim that corruption will be a thing of the past. I wish to strongly state that real change comes from within. The constitution is not what brings change. The current constitution may have its short comings, but it does not allow injustices to happen. This is to say, the thought that this constitution will bring reforms may not happen. Unless our leaders and the people of the nation choose to change, it will remain a dream. In addition, i do not see the logic behind holding a referendum now to plan for another to amend the issues in contention. I feel it would be wiser to amend then subject it to a referendum once and for all.

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