Posted by: Family Media | June 15, 2010

Is it time to form a Kenyan Christian Democratic Party?

In dozens of countries in Europe and Latin America, Christian Democratic Parties (CDP) are part of the political establishment. These parties actively seek to apply Christian principles to public policy. Basically they promote pro-Christian, pro-family, pro-child, and pro-life policies for the benefit of everyone. Given the recent extensive involvement of church leaders in political campaigns, could it be time to create a Kenyan Christian Democratic Party so that our church leaders leave such issues to the CDP and focus on their congregations and church matters?

Advocates of the CDP believe that religious leaders should not engage in political matters because they risk alienating and dividing their congregation. Some Kenyans believe that preachers lose their aura of holiness with each political statement. Furthermore, Christian politicians are better at ensuring that all legislation is brought into conformity with the revealed will of God in the Holy Bible. Others believe that a Christian Democratic Party of Kenya can only strain relations between Christians and other people of other faiths. In the end, Kenyans will not only be divided according to tribe but also religious affiliation.

Currently, there is not one politician who is representing the Christian agenda in parliament.  There is no one ensuring that laws and policies do not trample on Christian values. Hence Kadthi courts and abortion are included within the proposed constitution. In Africa, countries such as South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, all have Christian political parties. What do you think of the possibility of forming a Christian Democratic Party of Kenya?



  1. YES

    • Yes! Time is now ripe for a christian democratic party. We need to have people of integrity and christian values in parliament. people who will stand for God and God’s people unlike the selfish team we see every time.

      • millicent,remember in Rwanda before killings that happened,the christians were allowed to form political parties.what happened latter!killings that had never happened on lets restrict our selves with matters of faith. say YES!

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  2. I believe this could be a step in the right direction, but with reservations. Many men and women of the cloth have taken up the clamor for good governance, starting on their altars and people have been called cynics who have read selfish political motives in their new-found persuasion. The cynics have been proved right when men and women of the clothe have found their way to the august House but made no dent whatsoever on the impacting of Christian values in a legislative manner. One “prophet” made Christianity a laughing stock in Parliament. Others have made Christian faith, integrity and morality become a questionable in the eyes of those who are against Christianity and even among Christians who considered their lot the very panacea to the forms of corruption, misgovernance and other ills bedeviling society.
    The Christian Democratic Union of Germany, for example, is one good reference point for us. It is not a Bible-quoting agency for politics, but an ideological and philosophical political entity that bases its root beliefs in the Judeo-Christian heritage. As a born again Christian, I would hate to see a political party headed by hot-headed televangelists who sometimes cannot draw the line between making fleshly decisions and Godly decisions; who sometimes believe they can whip emotion to become the essence of God. I would want to see a Christian Democratic party in Kenya that is open and inclusive, but basing its very existence and core foundations on the Word of God. Other alternatives would be not to isolate ourselves as Christians, but to have leaders of integrity participate and become leaders in existing political parties, as a way of integrating the Christian ethos in the political mainstream. It will not serve at all to have a Christian cloister in form of a political party whose aims and objectives would be selfish, based on the power-hunger of some of our Christian leadership personalities, or out to enforce the faith in the political arena. This is not the way Jesus would have done it. He mixed with all and Paul, his very faithful servant, went to the people, even those with unknown gods, and impacted Christianity amongst them. We have to have a meeting point with other faiths, and a political party would be one such field, at which we share values and propagate better governance. By faith we believe that God being with us, we will overcome and prevail over circumstances that would not augur well for the political development of this country. We would prevail in situations for believing and holding firmly to the core fact that God is with us, and we do not have to take sides with others to win this war; we work in and amongst them, but realizing as the Bible states, we are not of this world. Esther was chosen of God not to become a soldier liberator, but a servant who was elevated to a royal position from which she was able to save her people. God uses different ways to safeguard his people. Force, aggression, chest-thumping, wanting number one and not compromising are not Christian virtues.

  3. Yes, I totally agree we need the Christian party to Champion the Christian Agenda in Parliament. we Claim to be 80% Christian but this is not true. we can hear very many politicians claimimg to be christians yet they are against the stand of the church. They place their personal ambitions 1st and therefore no church representations.
    these candidates should be recommended and seconded by the church and must be people whose statement of faith is well known.

    We also do not want a scenario where our church ledaers turn out to be the politicians.
    the church leadership should be very separate only playing the advisory role and guidance on on issues to be addressed. We cannot separate the church from politics leaders like moes , Joshua, David spearheeded both. We must fight for our faith and lift our Shamma high.

  4. On CDP: I dont think that a party will not resolve the issues of ungodly governance. I’m particularly perturbed that some of the most vocal clerics in the previous regime are now advocating for inclusion of ungodly provisions in the proposed constitution. What guarantee do we have that a christian party will be faithful to the Word of God to the exclusion of self-interest!!! Looking at the countries where there are Christian parties, it is not clear what difference these parties have made to stop the decline in morality. Uk leads in apostacy for example. Christians may continue advocating on topical issues like the current one and advising on godly governance. Even in biblical times kings’ prophets did not seek to be in the administrative positions. their role was that of an independent observer and advisor.

    • I agree with Ruth. The priests should position themselves to hearing from God. Could we have christians (and not the clergy) vie for parliamentary positions, then keep consulting with the priests on the will of God for this country. Many a times do I hear too much noise in parliament some of which does not add value to the discussions on serious issues. One needs to be always alert in the spirit in order not to be swayed in decision making. Christians, men and women of integrity are what we need in politics.


  5. I was hoping to be able to respond to a post on the horrible incident that occured at Uhuru Park on Sunday. I was so incredibly saddened to hear religious leaders immediately cast blame on this side or that side. I expected some restrain and some show of wisdom. PLEASE CHRISTIAN BROTHERS, SISTERS AND LEADERS DO NOT AGGREVATE AN ALREADY VOLATILE SITUATION. Let us all pray for wisdom on this matter

  6. NO……Christians are not called by God to compete with worldly issues…instead they should come together and unite the different parties we have in our country by advocating for unity despite our different ways of reasoning/opinions which i believe we are all entitled to. And by the the Bible clearly states that U CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS….this would be historical….dear fellow Christians be careful the decisions u make on political matters..i wont mention names but look at some of the MPS we have and r also preachers-THEY HAVE CLEARLY FORGOTTEN THEIR MANDATE AS SHEPHERDS….

    • The world was created by God and the mistake Christians have made is to have a dichotomy that separates spiritual matters and our way of daily life. A Christian’s life touches all aspects of their life including political, social, economic, professional. We cannot say that because one is born again, they should not pursue education or career because these are worldly. To the contrary, in all our life aspects, we should reflect Christ in us. In politics, it means we have a different call by having Christ like principles in terms of honesty, integrity etc and if we remember,It is God who ordained leaders like David, Solomon to be kings. However, in the bible, for those kings that were evil like some of our politicans today, the Lord dealt with them while for those who were faithful God rewarded and blessed them.

      Our call as Christians no matter where we are and what we do is to make sure that we leave out Christianity. The thing about serving two masters applys in that we cannot profess Christ and bear the fruits of the evil spirit at the same time. Then that is diabolical. If Kenya as a country is to be blessed, we need politicians and presidents who fear and obey God and then our land of Kenya will surely be blessed! So if such leaders would come from the church leaders, so be it.

    • For God’s sake we cannot advice ungodly establishment on godly issues partaining country’s leadership, we need church to unite and rule, Bishops and church leaders paving way for born again christians to rule, then advice can be paramount by the church leaders!

    • Am worried by inactive christians, who dont know thier position in leadership of a country, they think its only politicians (worldly, abusive, ignorant to the cries of the people, selfish, corrupt, wicked etc) who should make laws of the land and mostly sadly lead the country..more sadly we elect them…to me its the Christian political party that should be the vehicle of change in our country…faith without works is DEAD. Lets have brethen out there vying for elective positions.

      • Its sad that in the past, we had no alternative party apart from the known ones…with all sorts of people, kenyans, as christians, lets form a party that is relevant to us, bravo for the idea. (by the way, whose idea was it?? kudos to him/her)

  7. We have different bodies that represent the church in national levels such as the NCCK. These could be engaged in forging such aspirations! It’s the high time the church in Kenya stands up for Christ in all aspects. The church remains the salt and light of the world. It must set the pace for the politicians.

    • Kenya is 85% christians, then, who will ever educate kenyans that leadership belongs to christians and not vice varsa….never ever allow the devil- his agents- non believers to rule our beloved country.

  8. I am a christian and when i sometimes see christians straggling to make their point to be heard,it breaks my heart.We are the children of the most High God and when we speak we need to know that our point is heard,we need not to fight but to take it,and take it by force,there is no where that power has ever been given apart from God giving to us,But the question is what did He this power to us for?To me i think we need to change our strategy and stop calling the media to make statements but to plant leader and to invest in them to make sure that whenever any decision is being made that can affect this country either positively or negatively,there are people that will not compromise their calling.I wish i can be given a chance to speak to my brothers and sisters in faith and wish they can get what i have in me,this country can change completely.

  9. NO NO NO and NO, we should not mix politics and Faith here…we cannot serve two masters, we can either be on God`s side or politcs side but can never ever be the two at the same time.

    I want to encourage my brothers and sisters to be steadfast on their faith, we shall overcome. Kenya is beyond the constitution, God loves Kenya and it is up to us to protect our sovereiningty at the same time put God premier in everything… we need to enjoy the peace we have always enjoyed,,,lets not make politics tear this lovely country apart..we definately do not want to see Kenya go the Iraq, Nigeria way or Even Haiti…No i dont think so.

    Am sorry to say this but some of our clergy are only focussed on what they make out of their respective ministries and dont care about the spiritual growth and well being of their flocks…this is in very bad taste and this issue of tossing blame here and there doesnt portray the steadfastness of the church.

    Lets put our lovely maother land to prayers 24/7, God hears the prayers of His people.

  10. This would tragically divide us further. What next, an Islamic Party? A United Hindus party? A Luhya traditionalist party??? Besides if you had done your research you would know that the Political Parties Act expressly forbids this kind of groupings (for very good reason). How would we be able to fight against tribal groupings if we as Christians do the same. Infiltrate the existing Parties and get our agenda through that way!


  12. Dear writer. I am shocked to read the line that the Church has no representatives in Parliament. There are BISHOPS and REVERENDS sitting in the House. There are groups of MPs that meet every Wednesday morning for prayers in a basement room in Parliament buildings. If there is a problem, its with good Christians becoming compromised once they get into the House. This will not change with the formation of a political party. Edith

  13. It is not OK or time for Christians to have a political Party. In the 90’s the likes of Sheikh Balala wanted to have an Islamic Party of Kenya-IPK. It was clearly stated that if each religion should have its own party, how many parties would we have. In those days we never had the over 200 parties we have in Kenya like eg Mimi na Wewe Party etc. I agree with Louis that it would be detrimental to our fragile unity.

    Christians ought to participate on the same playing field as the rest. The difference ought to be that we are playing at a higher level. We ought to operate with integrity- This is lacking in many a leaders in the Christian community.

    The grenade attack at the Uhuru park is an opportunity for Christians to speak forgiveness. Turn the other cheek, give the coat and walk the extra mile. It should not be misconstrued that I mean that it isn’t painful for the families of those that lost their children or family members. I know the pain and maybe justice may never come to be for them. But forgiveness does you more good than to the person you are forgiving.

    Christians in my opinion ought to live right, Because how many abortions are undertaken by the same people that profess to be Christians? Or how many participate in the vices that we blame the government about? We are the change that we want to see in our lives, churches, neighborhoods and nation. It starts with ME! It is not about the political affiliation that I say or think I belong to. But what is inside me manifesting in how I handle my circumstances daily before the unbelieving world around me.

    In the West, many of the so called Christian leaders(born again) have had to learn to separate the governance of a nation and their personal faith. With a multi religious-secular/ humanistic society as Kenya how will the Christian party make sure as it is written in the constitution maintain a Christian foundation without imposing its beliefs on the others? We know well that the many denominations in Kenya don’t agree on principle; how and what would make them agree on anything being in the same party?

  14. Yes I believe that time is ripe for christians to step up and take up positions in active politics. Just as some are gifted to be apostles, others pastors, yet others teachers…. the fruit of their labours will certainly include those called to be politcians. These will change the world into believing that one can be in politics and yet fear God. Isnt this what we learn from the story of Joseph, who was the first and only person to become a prime minister of a foreign country- Egypt? But of course it is not our will but that of God which we shuold pray should manifest in the best way He knows how.

  15. Juliet Capulet would ask you..Qwan what is in a name…
    The aims and objectives of political parties in myopinion is to advance ideologies that better[or should]the quality of life of the citizenry.A Christian party by any other name may be an introduction of Theocracy,which means the rule of God in a people.This can happen if majority of the party members have a command in the law making in one way or another.If this happens,kenya would seem to incline towards theocratic approach,whereas it is a democracy.
    The good thing with democracy is that it has more leg room than theocracy.Look at the Arab countries where sharia law is practised in a very theocratic way,christians have no say,they are killed,they are denied jobs at interview stage,and yes,they-can go tell Jesus.Do you not think this can deny non christians their feeling of kenyanness if it were to be a Gods rule in Kenya?In other words I find my self asking my ownself,were I the president of kenya,would I be kind enough and Godly enough to let non Christians worship in their own way…muslims,Hindu,Sikhist and so on?This question is important because without answering it,we will be for ever bound to hate sharia law[to me it is a silly thing and I hate it]but given same circumstances,then,we introduce our own version..does it make difference?No.

    Every religion in kenya is equal.Let me tell you how:
    Before a person encounters a personal experience of Christ,she only practices an empty religion.She has no difference from those worshipping other gods.She goes to church,she gives a tithe[zakah like a devout muslim would do..]and prays fervently like a devout hindu would do..but when she experieces the power of Christ,she receives faith.This is part of the reason why a secondary school hymnal goes “my faith has found a resting place,not in a FORM or CREED!I trust THE EVER LIVING ONE,and-his wounds for me shall plead.period.This tells you one thing;it is possible for a Christian to have a religious form that lacks real power,just like you would have the nicean or apostolic creeds in your memory but without the presence of the Reigning lord.Vanity.

    I have read here that someone is aware that paul met people who had very many gods and even a reservation for any other god they feared may be missed out,and he introduced them the unknown God.We may false people in our religion and our religious teaching but it can only be skin deep.When they meet jesus, this,is the only time they can know that christians have always had a point.[For now all they know from us are “claims”; eg that we proudly say Jesus is the only among prophets and religious founders whose grave is undisputedly empty.This is both biblical and historical,that is why Christianity is the sure religious faith.The thing with it,however,is that when imposed,it is insipid.It has no taste,but when received at Gods appointed hour and circumstances, it seems to change a life,then that is Christianity-salt,light,water,spring.
    Let me give you are real example;

    A few months ago,a woman came to our house,rang the bell and I popped out to see who she was,when i saw her I discoverd she was a muslim.In fact where we live only three homes[and i must be right]are chrsitian,the reason however was her way of dressing.She has known that we were at uhuru park[the other safe time]and we were uncomfortable with the kadhis institutions,and has maybe seen me dressing the church formal any other day.Her message was urgent to me.[pastor or no pastor]mtoto ni mgonjwa…tena sana..pesa ya dawa-deni.haraka please.
    I helped but when she left i felt like crying…now she cant avoid me..,sometime will come that I cant avoid yusuf..may never rule anything out between a jew and a samaritan.
    This may be the reason in my earlier writings I had said that at some point you cannot avoid a neighbour,but you can choose a friend.I also said that we share many things with non christians as such sickness and disease.Do you think my gesture to the almost dying child may have spoken a better message to the mother, than shouting to her that jesus is the only way[Indeed he is].I hope so.

    A christian party would be a nice idea but cannot go beyond being a nice idea.Remember there are so many christian leaders in paliarment as you know them.On Sunday when they are not travelled upcountry for politics or social work,they join us in church.The very them.They are us.wale nisi.This is why I want to remind you how Juliet capulet was thinking loudly[soliloquy]one time in a play by William shakespheare and asked”…kwani what is in a name…?that when you pluck wanjiru kamau and musyimi Mutava from ODM and PNU respectively,and bond them to christian democratic party,they will do what they are not doing now?What is in a name?What do you think is seriously in a name and not in human convictions?
    The Uhuru park blast…a text message says 3 people have been arrested in kinoo in connection with that grisly,inhuman,ungodly,evil act. Continue praying over all things..remember i said that the God that answers with fire is God.
    Please remain calm and composed.Never go ahead of your pastor or leader.Dont complain so much either,many happen to be our elders.Respect all elders both Christian and muslim.

  16. All things are possible,
    its a fact from the scheme of things now that it the most needed thing at hand.
    A political body that will ensure christian values.
    Lets go for it Kenya,So ready to support the movement and so be it.

    • Isupport you my brother.Daniel shadrack and abednego were in the govnment and yet they influenced things for God.God bless

  17. I ask myself whether i would want to be associated with a such a party (or any other) as a christian, i feel the party may take stands which i may not agree with. there are soo many questions that i need answered to be confident enough to support this. why now? are we not being opportunistic just like other parties in the past? the constitution debate has shown that the full pews need to be evangelized -tought the word- and we still have the world to cover. we want to take another burden while we have -in my opinion- not done our commission to perfection? how will the party push ahead the gospel agenda. is this our jurisdiction? is it in any way motivated by the word of God? i need answers. thanks.

  18. I think the whole notion of a Christian party is step in the wrong direction. Being a Christian, I find the current state of affairs in the country rather confusing. Part of the confusion is being informed by the Church leadership. If we are to go the Christian Party way, we shall be negating the same thing we are fighting right now, SEPARATION OF STATE AND RELIGION.

    During the run-up to the 2007 elections, Christian leaders were all over the place annointing every Presidential candidate as the chosen one. When there was no outright winner, we as the flock were left all confused. We have a couple of Bishops and reverends in the August House yet we are not feeling their impact. I hope with the formation of the CDP, we shall not be propping up some religious leaders to political office and they forget their call. I still feel that we are setting ourselves up for a major fall.

    The Starehe election results left a very bad in the taste of my mouth as a Christian. What I celebrated as a victory for the Church only to be nullified by the Courts and the results to show that actually the seat was unfairly won. We need to really be careful as we chart our political path lest we be lost or become mundane.

    As at right now, as th Church we are formenting rebellion in the land. With the church leaders not recognising the Government (yet the Bible say that all authority is from God) we are settin a bad precedent. Let us remember that the younger generation is watching us and they will soon start questioning authority and want to get away with it. We stand to loose our moral high ground as the Salt and the Light of this world when we begin to play our game according to the rules of the world. This is saddening to say the least.

    it’s a noble idea but that does not add value to the political arena as it polarises an otherwise divided land. Blessed are the peacemakers……….

  19. I think this step is long overdue and Canon Karanja, Kibarabara, Bishop Oginde, Bishop Kariuki and their colleagues should seek the Lord on this matter and nominate persons to form such parties or resign religious offices as the Lord leads them, to form The Christian Democratic Union Party. One thing stands out about the Church- we’re united by one loving almighty saviour. The elusive unity in the world and Kenya is found in Jesus Christ. May the Holy Spirit of Comfort comfort our bereaved brethren.

  20. Dear all,

    There would be no need for a Christian Political Party. In this case, I would like to draw all true Christians to very simple but practical fact/s: FACT: The current Kenyan Constitution does guarantee the freedom of worship for Kenyans (and this was not by man’s design but by God’s will since he gave the new Nation a chance to choose the way of life for all citizens); FACT: We already have a good number (alot of) Churches in Kenya; FACT: God’s Power, Guidance and Spirit does not work physically like humans do. MY SUBMISSION: By advocating for a Christian political party, we are simply thinking and acting physical in as far as God’s ways are concerned. This, for sure, is NOT TRUE to GOD as we are taught by his book of instructions THE HOLY BIBLE neither is it practical. MY CONCLUSION: The church is the TRUE medium through which GOD’s grace, mercy and interventions may be showered upon us, our only weapon/s being PRAYER, OBEDIENCE and FAITH. Therefore, through TRUE Church Leadership (OR call it CHURCH Political Party to satisfy your conscience) , we have all what it takes to get what we want be it a God Fearing President, or better still God bearing Leadership an Governance as a whole, otherwise, going for a Christian Political Party would be just another of human endeavour and affair but with almost nothing to do with God and actually the DIFFERENCE would be the SAME. MY ADVISE: GOD will not guide us because we changed the label from Church to Political Party, he will deal with the CHURCH before he deals with any other affiliations. BE BLESSED.

  21. Mhh, am amazed that We all want to invite trouble in our beloved kenya.
    I have been involved in politics in campus and did my best to push for integrity.for one term I prevailed but its not easy in this world.Nonetheless all is not lost. Integrity should be prevalent always.
    I disagree with the fact that members of parliament change with time ambandoning their Christian beliefs.
    What really happens is that, these people are innately the way they end up.pretending to be good to gain political mileage.
    Setting a religious party will lead to animosity that has never been witnessed.

    I have beeen finding it OK to hold crusades even in Islam domains but watch out!!

    Let clergy play weird politics and you will see chuches being bombed in full attendance of the faithful.
    The outgoing constitution,which we have lived with has had the clauses on Kadhi.We have had the subordinate courts as far as Nairobi and Kisumu.What do we have to do with them. They affect parties who are Muslims and only when both subscribe to such courts.
    On abortion, its clearly written its not allowed,unless the life of the mother is in danger-that has no argument.Of course my wife should not die of an ectopic pregnancy.
    we are losing focus to ther great commission, the bible is our “constiotution”-as Christians since we do not have to be watched by law nnot to steal or bribe!
    BUT!!! the bible will never be a secular constitution to be erected by force aided by some populistic clergy.these are the same people who vie later bribing tjheir way in then forget their Values.
    Am for a new constitution. Dont be Misled. Am sure so may have not read the document and are listening rto the propagandistic statements-unfortunatwely from the men of cloth.

    They want to retire from preaching by enacting a law which would compell everybody to behave their will_which is good but not right!!
    They should preach. let them continue and I fear the consequences. We might have intolerance such that we would have to preach with armed bodyguards.
    Some of them endorsed partisan candidates in 2007and some vied saying Godc had sent them, only to have a severe bloodshed later.They then repented in public saying they misled Kenya.

    Come oh new constitution, or better stilll remain old one( where abortion is still not allowed and Kadhis exist) Kenya is a peaciful state whre evangelism occurs everywhere.What they are courting is disaster and intoleravnce.They will suffer since if that will be sour.
    some Of them we know them as manipulative and always money minded.telling people to go and attend “wealth transfer seminars and crusades”
    watch them. you will know i was right.

  22. It’s time we had one of our own who is accountable to the church and God.We’re tired of politicians who claim to be Christians yet they have no value for God.I read somewhere in the Bible that the role of the priest was to anoint kings and heal the sick.In as much as i have been hearing of preachers healing the sick, iam yet to hear of them anointing a king and presenting him to the people as God’s choice.When we do this the political class will take us seriously and they’ll no longer be talking evil of us on our face the way they do now.Most islamic nations have an islamic party and in kenya we need our party as early as yesterday.May God awake our preachers both catholic and protestant for this nobal task.God bless Kenya

  23. This is a good idea, but remember a good idea is not a God’s idea. If this is the way we want to take, Let us pray about it until we are sure we are taking the right step. We should also seek advice from our Prophet, since we are blessed to have a prophet in Kenya. We do not want to do it just because it feels the best thing to do, we might find ourselves in more problems than we are in right now.

  24. The Bible says “when the righteous rule, people rejoice and when the wicked rule, people mourn” we have mourned tooo much and its the right time to rule…i mean rule politicaly! when true born again christians are in parliament, they will not mess up with our lives, ministries will prosper, CDF kitty will be used properly, mega corruption will be a thing of the past etc and we will live a good life, we can no longer be enclosed in the church mourning and complaining, we need to come out and be counted and still we will be saved, God is with us. Amen

  25. The Bible says “when the righteous rule, people rejoice and when the wicked rule, people mourn” we have mourned tooo much and its the right time to rule…i mean rule politicaly! when true born again christians are in parliament, they will not mess up with our lives, ministries will prosper, CDF kitty will be used properly, mega corruption will be a thing of the past etc and we will live a good life, we can no longer be enclosed in the church mourning and complaining, we need to come out and be counted and still we will be saved, God is with us. Amen

  26. It is time christian religious leaders took leadership of this country but not through a christian party. Promotion of christian values on the political arena through a christian political party would cause more harm than good to this our good country. We as christians are more than willing to put our church leaders in the country’s leadership but it would only be good to use the presently available platforms that hold dear the christianity ideals.

  27. Kenya having over 70% christian followers I think it is long overdue, this should have happened long ago.
    We hear of Islamic states having parties that stand with their faith and believes,not only that any other party is registered according to what they believe in and con convince others for the good of all. It is a high time Christians do it.

  28. Lets first have leadership and order in the church. It’s rather dishearting to see or read in the media wrangles in church. How are we carrying ourselves as christians during such political ? are we the voice of reason or do we join the bandwagon and cannot be distingushed from the rest of the gang. christianity is love and we still have a lot more work to do on this area. how did the church leaders react after the incident at uhuru park?

  29. Whatever happened to the great commission of… Go ye therefore…to teach….to baptize… Are you sure our BIBLE is too weak, that we need democratic parties and Government policies to practice our Faith? People like Paul practiced Christianity a midst opposition, they never formed a party. At the cross, there were two liberators…One was forming parties, robbing people, killing collaborators, all in the name of liberating Isralites from the yoke of Roman rulers. he was called, Barnabbas (meaning, son of the father) …. The man worked wonders arguing he is working for God. And of course there was Jesus, the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world, a broken reed he would not break…..when asked about the issue of taxation…..u know the reply…..this is the man we call ourselves with His name. We all know, he was crucified and Barnabbas was set free!! So he became our liberator, through humility…….He humbled himself to death, even death on the cross.

    We always go wrong when Cristian start thinking that they need politiical power to change the world. When the early church around 270AD thought that they needed the help of the Roman emperor to expand and reach the rest of the world, they “converted” Constantine, they could make this people change once they were inside, so they thought. But what was the result, Bible could not be read for over 800 years!! European traditions, watercrafty and Idols found their ways into the church….the commandments of God were replaced with traditions of men. The devil achieved its objecctives.

    The greatest of Tyrany were visited upon profesors of Gods truth, Waldensian, the Bible beleivers who would rather die that part with their Bible and faith were extinct…”Christians” persecuted fellow christians….

    FRIENDS this is what we are courting, when we seek worldly power and influence to implement Gods ways! God has His own way….when the persecution of the church was over….Christianity spread 30 times in 200 years than it deed during the 800 years of tyrany by the Church…. by the way, the tyrany of the Curch is partly to blame for the widspread islamic faith….People just could not see Christianity in the christians.

    So as we seek to participate in our roles as citizens of Kenya, lets remember where our citizenship truly belong….Chris said, we are are the salt of the world, and if the salt losses its savior, then it becames worthless. But I am truly encouraged……Just like Elijah, who thought all was gone, and that all the prophets of God were killed by Ahab and that he was the only one remaining and they were trying to kill him, Elijah was told by Jehovah….”I have kept for myslef, not 1 not 2 not 10 but 4000 men, who have neither bowed down to baal nor offered sacrifices to him”. So friends as you join the rest of the world in the idol warship that is our politics, as you loose your savior and becames worthless, as you forget the great commision, as you think that, Thou shall not kill in the Bible is not enough and that we need it in the Kenyan constitution for it to be effective….. There are others, though their number seems small, and often ignored, though they dont work with fire and brainstorms, though they dont make great noises on the street corners to be noticed….They have kept the faith, they have neither bowed to the baal nor offered sacrifices at its alters…..Rev. 14:12…here are they, that keep the commandment of God and have the faith of Jesus Christ. They keep the commandment and have the faith without it being defined in the kenyan Constitution nor any other laws but because, THUS SAYS THE LORD. Maranatha Friends

  30. YES!! Let every religion have its party; Hindu Liberation Front, Muslim Brotherhood,Akorino Development Party, Christian Democrats etc etc. Surely what is good for the goose is also good for the gandar. After this all our problems e.g poverty, immorality, corruption, unemployment,tribalism,and so on with be solved once and for all. Good day my brothers and sisters!!!

    • Our LORD JESUS CHRIST came to reconcile ALL PEOPLE on earth. REVELATION 5:9-10.The church is called into the ministry of reconciliation.She is the ambassador of christ on earth.1 CORINTH 5:22.the world must go to church for all guidance.The party of all people is salvation through JESUS CHRIST,leaving holy,HEBREWS 12:14,leading many into the righteousness of GOD,DANIEL 12:1-3.

  31. Indeed…as you are hypocrites……..why delete my post? is it because you fear being told the truth?? My opinions were are very personal, so i believe i should comment but if you disagree and go ahead to delete it so that you only have those that support your ideas, then you can see for yourself what a christian party.or even christian president can do, as long as you have people with different opinions, you go ahead and execute them.

  32. I am unconfortable with the idea of a christian political party. Daniel by his integrity, godly living and powerful prayers was able to bring the Babylonian Empire down on its knees though he was a captive – something like a refugee status. How much more can CONSECRATED BELIEVERS in Christ influence issues of morality and governance. The first Church turned their world upside down’ Act 17:16. They were able to influence the paganistic Roman Empire towards Christian faith, not with weapons of war or political acumen, but through their undying faith in the RISEN SAVIOUR. Jesus, our best example, was not a political leader. He said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here.” Joh 18:36
    Am not saying that Christians should not vie for elective posts on the political front – for righteousness exalts a nation…” but that as Christians our methodology for influence and dominion is different; and that is by the power of the Holy Ghost.

  33. No, we are called to be the light of the world and our God fights for us because He is alive. We can come together when there is an issue but political parties will distract us from what we have been called to do. We change things on our knees… (for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God, to the pulling down of strongholds, principalities in the heaven realm)

  34. How I wish this was a debate on the word of God where people are provoking and challenging one another to Godliness. Why is it that I feel the Holy spirit is jealous of the passion we show towards the constitution? If we had the same passion for living the word then we would have done our bit to the nation such that the decay we see that makes people murder, rob, bribe, abort, lie and do all manner of wickedness would have been checked. There is a nation where adultery is prohibited in their laws and everybody is happy about it. In Almolonga the prisons are empty and everybody is living a productive life. The transformation did not come through a christian party or constitution.
    Unless the clergy admit before God that they have have failed him by not focusing on the true gospel of christ which has power to transform life, we are going nowhere. We have refused to trace our step and find out why the soceity around us has been steadily decaying, correct our lapses and genuinely cry out to God for mercy for the nation. It is futile to organize political rallies. Am sure it gieves the Holy spirit when we openly defy and ridicule those God has given authority over the land. 1 Timothy 2: 1-7 gives the formular we are suppossed to apply inorder to live a quiet and peaceful lives. The behaviour of the church is completely the opposite. The message we are sending out there is that we have no faith in the weapons God has given and must borrow the worldly weapons of politics to bring peace into the land. Knowing God, he will deal with this unbelief and the unrighteousness in the church before he handles the nation. Judgement always begins in the house of the Lord!

    If God was to answer the prayers of the church after the behavior they have shown to the nation then it would mean that he has given up on this nation and we would have lost true christianity in the Land. The destiny of this nation is at stake but the constitution is the least threat. The mispresentation of Christ by the church is the main threat. Where did we see Jesus or the prophets publicly ridicule the wicked authorities they lived under? You correct authorities in wisdom just like Nathan did with David or Elijah with Ahab. He does not bear the sword in vain and if the sword falls on you because of your fooloshness then you have only yourself to blame.

  35. i think we christians should come together and pray for this nation in unity and with a common goal. we havent even resolved our differences as christians. rather than a political party, why not national christian union

  36. am gravely opposed to the idea that christians in the country should form a political party. In any case christins should realize that they represent a heavenly caucus which is milestones away from political parties. forming a political party would not address the ethical dilemmas in the country. If anything, that would be compromising their position praying for sanity. King Nabuccadnezar would have required Daniel to decipher the dream. A church and body of christ play a pivotal role and going political would only worsen.

  37. With is hidden from the politicians can only be revealed to the sacred. Christians forming a political party is reminiscent to what Prof Wole Soyinka has relentlessly touted as the conflict between art and politics. The two have been at loggerheads ever since. Politics is the game of the possible, if not a dirty one. Considers the case of Rev. Mutava Musyimi, he used to address the moral aspect in the country. But politics has swallowed him. Folks, we need to realize that the character of any regime has been an ultimate evil, and yet we need the church to balance the equation. The reality is politicians are once again driving the country to the dogs. Only God can save us. Christians have the responsibility to intervene. In my small way i have come to learn that u can only address God behind the closet; in the secret places and not through mass action or a political party. Not unless christians have ambitions. Stop the notion that other nations have christian parties. Rememember, IMF has policies that are not practical in Africa; if anything we need to re-invent the wheel.

  38. all what i think as Christian is if God speaks himself to the leaders of true faith and those who are positive to God things will change dramatically even not using our strength to fight for.coz it stones used to change to bread then this is just a passing cloud to Gods will.


    Have blessed day all Kenyans.

  39. yes it is true that we can claim Kenya for god all we want but with a government that is driven by people who are in turn led by the flesh and expect any breakthrough that could be achieved to be preserved. To the critics of the C.D.P. ,action works better than mere words for example, indecent exposure is a crime in Kenya but strip clubs are all over who is to blame, an executive branch of government that neglects to uphold the law to the letter. changing the leadership will only change the scenario if the new comers have value for principle rather than political correction. better yet born again men and women who fear nothing but offending God. we should seriously pray that God gives us such.

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