Posted by: Family Media | June 23, 2010

Can Christian politicians uphold their religious values?

As Christians, we uphold the values of integrity, compassion, humility, transparency, and respect for all. If a Christian political party is formed, can elected Christian officials remain faithful to their religious values within the seedy world of politics?
A Christian needs to be in God’s Service 24 hours a day, every day. This is the Christian calling and privilege. However, politics is a dirty game that forces all politicians to make compromises. It may be virtually impossible for a Christian politician to keep his or her moral integrity.

Some Christians argue that a Christian politician cannot withstand the multitude of ethical difficulties. First, there is the potential for corruption (sin). Already a number of Kenyan politicians, who call themselves Christians, have amassed worldly goods through illegal means.  Second, a politician may be called to vote on an act of war, the death penalty, prohibition, censorship or abortion. Some of these issues are at odds with the Christian faith. So should a politician vote as his entire constituents would want him to vote or should he vote based on his Christian values? Lastly, Christians are asked to be humble and transparent; yet, politicians need to be aggressive, arrogant, boastful and deceptive in order to win and remain in power.

In the end, Christian politicians are as much ministers of God as are prophets, bishops, reverends and priests. If they stay out of politics mired in sinfulness and injustice, things may get only worse. In such an environment, can Christian politicians maintain their religious values?



  1. No, Christian politicians cannot honour the biblical christian walk with the Lord.They should be a voice showing fellow politicians the way but we have seen the one’s already in the political arena compromising and can’t stand up for Jesus as they should.

  2. i think the question is “is God interested in politics,does God have values which govern his people in politics.”to me God is a politician more than all of us put together.since he has called us to fulfill his will here on earth,and he has given us his holy spirit to help us fulfill it,i believe anyone willing to be submitted to the holy spirit will uphold christian values in his involvement in politics.when we say politics is dirty,we fail to recognize Satan has made every area of live dirty.that included media,business education etc.does a christian then cease to exist.No,that is infact our real reason for living ,to be the salvour of live in the face of death.let all Christan cease to be escapist but let as also know where we have been called to serve so we stop being displaced by thinking that we all qualify to be political leaders

  3. No youcannot serve two master and you either be warm or cold.

  4. I think the levels that some of our so called ‘pastors’ have stooped is too low. Just as the ‘reverend’ Grace has rightfully said christians should be christ like. Non of them is. They are just more concerned with eating of the backs of hard working kenyans, and that is why most if not all of them hastily move into posh neighbourhoods as soon as they have gathered a large enough congregation to support the oppulent lifestyles they long for. It is a crying shame. They drive the most expensive cars where as some of the members of their own congregation who fuel those cars they drive through their offerings sometimes go hungry. Am 100% sure that that is not what God has in mind, in as far as the church and its governance is concerned. May God forgive them. We need to pray for them.

  5. What is the difference between politics and governance ? Governance is Godly as depicted in the bible (kingdoms). So if we are talking of governance then yes it is possible. For politics, with the current political setup and systems one would be putting himself to unnecessary temptations that can make him fall from Gods grace.

  6. Halleluyah.
    The church(body of christ) is chosen by JEHOVAH GOD to lead the WORD into the kingdom of GOD.She is to give true light of MESSIAH.She is to centralise holiness in the WORLD.There MUST be a very clear distinction between her and the WORLD.politics cannot preserve the WORLD.Why is the church downloading herself from the highest calling of GOD?This angers the creator,ISAIAH 13:13,JEREMIAH 10:10 and triggers the wrath and judgment of GOD to the land.

  7. True Christians can rise to represent who God truly is as they uphold their values. Who knows we were probably created for such a time as this

    Often the toughest times in life are those moments when all we know about God doesn’t seem to help or get us the results we want. That’s when we learn about His silence. Whenever God doesn’t say a word, He’s teaching, even in stillness. He’s allowing us to grow by forcing us to think, study and arrive at conclusions while He stands by like the loving parent He is. Faith comes by hearing, but patience comes by silence. Patience is what God gives you when bad things remain unchanged. It’s His sedative for the troubled heart. It’s the balm He rubs into your aching muscles when it feels like you’re being stretched to breaking point. These are the times when the pain lasts so long that only God can release the patience required – the sheer grace to get you through it.

    There are great benefits to waiting. For example, if you learn to wait and observe, you’ll make better choices. The thing you think you can’t live without today, you may be glad to live without tomorrow. ‘…No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly’ (Psalm 84:11 NKJV). So when God says, ‘Wait,’ trust Him. Either it’s not what you need at this time, or He has something better in mind for you. You say, ‘But what am I going to do in the meantime?’ The Bible says, ‘Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart…’ (Psalm 27:14 NKJV). Stop fussing, stop pushing, allow God to work and you’ll come out of this stronger and with a better result.

    So even in the matters of the constitution, do not fuss, or push, allow God to do His thing!

  8. God’s grace is very sufficient for any undertaking.Referring to Rom.12 :4- ,we ought to support those who have been called to such ministry get on.This should be in intercession n counseling.

  9. Sure, I love the idea. For how long are we going to sit as christians and watch as our country is messed up by the politicians. Don’t forget we are the light of Kenyans and God is watching as we cover our light. For Gods sake, let us come out of the slumber before it is too late. Believe me I will be the first to join that party in Jesus name.

    • halleluyah
      Anne,what does light have to do with darkness?what is there between the temple of the HOLY SPIRIT and belial?Separate from them(world i.e. politicians) and i will be your GOD and you will be my PEOPLE.The church MUST never have interests in plitics.
      my sister anne,dont be misled.

  10. May the Almighty God forgive our christian leaders for they do not what they are doing. Turning christians against christians and muslims against christians in the name a new constitution is not according to biblical teachings. Jesus said we love our neighbours as we love ourselves.
    We should accomodate in our country and live in harmony as love superceeds all.
    The church should preach repentance and will of God, not constitution.

  11. I believe it is ok for christians to join politics in order to bring sanity in any nation.In the bible we have good examples. Moses,Elijah,Isaih,Jeremiah,Nehemiah,Samwel etc were involed in the priestly work as well as matters regading the nation of Israel.Many times God spoke to them with specific instructions containing spiritual and political guidance for the nation.If there was something wrong with geting involved with the two,God would not have appointed Samewel as priest and political leader in Israel. Therefore i say go ahead and get involved in both so long as God has endowed you with enough grace to do both.Amen

  12. Satan himself went dirty when he schemed an evil plan to destroy humanity right in the garden of aden. democracy, principally is the rule for the people, by the people, and to the people, there is no where God or the Lord’s prayer applies since the prayer reads “Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. But here the will of the people applies . Actually democracy is beastial no wonder the Bible could see one regime like a certain beast, and the one that suceeds it is more ruthless than the former until the last beast could not be described it was a terrible beast. Finally one like the Son of Man in great glory appeared and he came to rescue the His children.
    Conclusively, the leader of all these global setup “Democracy” is the dragon (Satan) and since the lie from the garden parsists up to date, A politician will have to act and behave like the Beast, under dragons authority.

  13. Maintaining your christian values whether a politician or not is choice. The christian politician we have are not represent the church interests but of their sponsoring constituents. we need church sponsored paliamenterians to cater for christians interests in governing of the country, becuase for how long shall we continue moaning about ungodly laws being passed yet the church has no voice in such quorums which are populated by non christians? We have to be represented by churh sponsered politicians if the country has to move forward in Godly way, But to acheive this Christians should choose to be christians 1st before becoming our tribes which is our biggest undoing.

  14. Christians should be actively involved in politics as responsible citizens, we can elect or stand to be elected in any office. However, i have a BIG problem with Christians having a political party for Christians. we are stretching it a bit too far. what criteria will be used to determinbe the sheep and wolves in sheeps clothing? you can be sure the party will bear a christian name but 90% of those who sign as members will not be Children of God.
    if we will ever have one, I will not personally be interested to join it.

  15. I love your site for informing a lot of people, it’s just sometimes people seem to get themselves tied up in unnecessary knots over something that’s very simple .

  16. Sincerely, christians can go into politics with their head tall as long as they will remember Joseph, Daniel, David in the Bible and how God used them.

  17. Politics is actually for christians but lack of knoledge has robbed us the chance.

  18. In my view, Politics should begin from the church. It is about governing people with justice and truth. Jesus, the propounder of truth and justice, taught us thus : “You are the salt/light of the world” Matt 5:13. He did not say “You are the salt/light of the ‘Church'” ! Hence, shouldn’t we, as true Christians, believers & followers of Christ ‘salt up’ and ‘light up’ the WHOLE WORLD ?!, not just be confined in a Church and its programs that hardly reaches out to the unchurched majority ? God wants us Christians to mingle in HIS world and do good, preserve it from rotting. Christians have for too long detested politics and allowed unscrupulous, un-Godly ‘politicians’ to run & govern God’s world at their evil whims & fancies. When trouble is brought about by evil rulers, thats when Christians start CRYING ! Too much water has flowed thru the rivers of the nations while timid christians remain undecided with their never-ending ‘analyses’ on whether or not christians shud to join politics. Dear true believers, take my word, go and “possess” the gates of governance and exercise your God-given potentials for betterment of His world.

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