Posted by: Family Media | June 29, 2010

Can men of integrity at the KACC stamp out the culture of corruption in Kenya?

The Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) chair is one of the most challenging posts in the country. The anti-graft war is not only long but also contentious. In fact, Justice Aaron Ringera had limited success in punishing bigwig perpetrators and recovering hundreds of millions of pounds in looted funds. Will the next anti-corruption Tsar, Dr. PLO Lumumba, make any difference?

One of Kenya’s brightest lawyers and politicians, PLO Lumuba is a staunch Christian. He is known for his frankness and adherence to the highest ethical standards. An eloquent public speaker, Dr. Lumumba is believed to be non partisan, courageous and determined. “If there is one person who can fight corruption, it is him”, states former Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Martha Karua.

Dr. Lumumba is faced with many challenges. The public perceive the anti-corruption body to be the politicians’ lapdog rather than the public watchdog. Since its inception the KACC has failed in investigating and instituting corruption charges against the so called “Big Fish”. In fact, the organization’s work ethics and values have been questioned. It lacks prosecutorial powers and has had to rely on the goodwill of the police, parliament and the judiciary to function. Many believe it should be insulated from outside interference BEFORE it can embark on its huge task of ridding the country of corruption. Otherwise, perpetrators of the Trinton Oil theft, Strategic Grain Reserve scandal, Free School Programme funding and other corrupt activities will never be brought to justice.

PLO Lumumba’s appointment has elicited a lot of optimism among Kenyans. Some people believe that his integrity is beyond reproach and the anti-graft movement would benefit immensely from his contribution. Do you believe that men of integrity at the KACC can stamp out the culture of corruption?



  1. I believe there is still hope for men and women of integrity to be on the fore front in bringing people along to fight corruption, because despite the moral decay that has given our country a bad name there is still remnants that God has reserved to speak on standing for what is right and preserving the good.

  2. to fight corruption must start from the top and the rest wil follow. The rule of law must be followed without favourism in any individual eather be a top official or a mere common mwananchi, it must govein all equally. Agree with me that self decipline is the only core fundemental entegrity one should posses.

  3. Fighting corruption in a country requires each an every mans contribution or participation.Each citizen must learn to be disciplined,must avoid favoritism at any chance.
    If there are men and women of integrity in this country then there is a ray of hope in the country, however we shouldn’t have our complete trust on them, they must be put on the spotlight to determine each of their every move.
    In conclusion every body has a role to play in the fight against corruption in this country.

  4. These baboons!!!!! The only thing they can unanimously vote on is salary increases. The most vile creatures to ever roam this earth are KENYAN POLITICIANS

  5. I hate to believe that corruption can be uprooted by an individual, or a group of persons, or even an institution, whatever the degree of integrity. The corruption culture can only be eliminated by changes in social sytems and structures at all levels of our society. We wish Lumumba well and may he seek Gods guidance first then tackle this monster.

  6. corruption is a vice that started with creation moments.Kenyan politicians have just upgraded the vice to the irreversible levels only God intervenes in both their psychological and social lifestyles.GOD BLESS KENYANS.

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