Posted by: Family Media | July 6, 2010

Is the attempt by our Mps to raise their salaries a sign of greed in our society?

Recently, our members of parliament passed a bill that, if signed by the president, will see their salaries increasing 79 times compared to the average income in the country. What fascinates most Kenyans is that parliament has over the years had a poor record on the speed at which bills are passed. However, for this particular bill, it was passed within a record time of 45 minutes without any hitches of quorum or any opposition from members present in the house.

If the president appends his signature on it, tax payers will be required to part with an additional Kshs 1 billion annually to pay the Mps. This will see our members of parliament being amongst the best paid legislatures in the world, they will be earning more than their counter parts in countries such as Germany, Britain, Australia and America.

The move by the Mps has not been received well by both Kenyans and foreigners. It move has also caught the eye of economists’ world over who say that the country has got more pressing needs to address besides increasing any salaries. They warn that, if passed, the common man will be greatly affected and will have to dig deeper into their already empty pockets.  If anything, the members of parliament should reduce their salaries because most people in their respective constituencies are still staring at poverty, disease, floods and drought.

When on their campaign train, most of them promised to reduce if not eradicate some of the problems that seem to be recurring in their constituencies every now and then but they do not.

Even after the finance minister, Uhuru Kenyatta, said that there is no extra money to meet the demands of the Mps, they did not want to listen to what he had to say and threatened to paralyse government operations in parliament if the minister does not adhere to their demands.

The questions then beg; are our member of parliament justified to increase some of their benefits such as sitting allowance by 100 percent while a huge number of them represent people who are wallowing in poverty? Do our member of parliament deserve more than what they are already getting? Are their arguments valid? Or is it just sheer selfishness and greed?



  1. It appears our MPS have no sense of shame. Just selfish. The president and Finance minister should just stay firm even if they threaten to defeat the budget motion. I am sure they wont do it because that will mean them going home to seek a fresh mandate

  2. Jeremial 17 :

    10 “I the LORD search the heart
    and examine the mind,
    to reward a man according to his conduct,
    according to what his deeds deserve.”

    11 Like a partridge that hatches eggs it did not lay
    is the man who gains riches by unjust means.
    When his life is half gone, they will desert him,
    and in the end he will prove to be a fool.

  3. It is grossly unfair. Poverty levels in the country quite high meaning MPs should not use the pretext of issuing alms as excuse to demand more pay but seize opportunity to reduce their pay plus pay tax on their present pay so that more money is available for poverty reduction programs.

  4. It’s totally unfair and shame on them.

  5. Those are the things which bring about the failing of a state by an by. People who have continue to have more and more. The people they purport to represent continue to be poorer and poorer.
    The rate of crimes is an indicator that we are not very far from there.

  6. I believe that our MPs have a vacuum in their hearts which they are trying to fill with money.Where their values, compassion and other virtues should be is empty.They need our prayers because this time they have veered off too far in the wrong direction.

  7. Where have their values gone to though i highly doubt they ever had all Kenyans should mark all those mps on top of the list pushing for increment and ensure come next elections they vote them out.Can’t they even hear the cries of the many kenyans in the idp camps,in northern kenya ravaging and have some mercy for once?

  8. It is such a shame that looking at the pathetic lifestyles a majority of Kenyans live. We think of the rising poverty levels amongst the people they represent. The government claims to have no funds to employ teachers, University, lecturers are almost going on strike yet almost every other year the MPs keep hiking their salaries.

    To whom do they do the negotiations with. Working amongst the poor people in Kukuyu and Limuru constituencies Am I capable of saying that this is how much I wanna be paid?

  9. It is such a shame that looking at the pathetic lifestyles a majority of Kenyans live. We think of the rising poverty levels amongst the people they represent. The government claims to have no funds to employ teachers, University, lecturers are almost going on strike yet almost every other year the MPs keep hiking their salaries.

    To whom do they do they negotiation with. Working amongst the poor people in Kikuyu and Limuru constituencies Am I capable of saying that this is how much I wanna be paid?

    Greed is what is in their hearts… Their stomachs have become their gods… It is wrong.

  10. Most of our MPs are just too greedy and by the way all the presentations to the Akiwumi commission were for the reduction of their salaries not an increase.
    If the President and Prime Minister really have the feelings of Kenyans in their hearts, they should not give in to the MPs demands and threats. We the Wananchi are firmly behind the two principles.

  11. This is terrible greed.We all pay taxes anyway. why are they urguing that their moneys is pegged to morgages and so on? even ours is. Look at the policeman whom we expect to put their lives in danger as soon as we call them, what about this little salary they earn? for sure the mps should be ashamed of themselves and just shut up. imagine them saying that they are going to shoot the house motions dfown just because of salary additions? in fact if we were given authority their salaries should be brought down and the salries of the policemen raised.
    The mps as leaders should show good exampls to the nation. what work do they do? when you need them in the are they are never there. look at the CDF funds being misused right -left and center ,yet they are custodidans of the same.Please tell them just to keep quite.this is disgusting.

  12. I must admit it is very shameful and a gross abuse of public funds the attempt by MP’s to increase their salaries and benefits. I believe all Kenyans should be on the same page on this one…NOW, where is the church’s voice here????church leaders have been awfully quiet on this one..shame shame,one concludes it is because these same MP’s can unanimously vote that they remit taxes on sadaka na tithe…ndio wamenyamaza.

  13. That is selfishness and greediness, many of them just sit in those parliament chairs just doing nothing, yet they want a hike.Others have done nothing in their respective constituencies, however when it comes to the last minute they ran to us begging for votes.
    They don’t deserve any hike coz even a normal mwananchi earning sh.7000 pay taxes and do not complain, the idea that they should hike their salaries so as when the constitution is passed they would be earning a hefty salary is unspeakable.
    Let the constitution pass and the culture of adding themselves salaries when they want stop with immediately

  14. I wouldn’t mind them getting paid even TEN MILLIONS per month but commensurate with what they do and achieve for the benefit of Kenyans. The same people are currently subjecting kenyans to unnecessary rivalry in the name of quest for a new constitution, a job they could have completed via consensus in parliament. The same people caused PEV and the plight of the IDPs they created is no longer their concern. Only today i saw on the electronic media IDPs in Limuru stacking themselves in trucks heading to their new home, a farm they bought from their own hard work, the mps and the like having failed to come up with a solution and you know how much the farm costed? 3 million Kshs for 69 acres which will settle 2000 people. It is a shame and the only thing kenyans need to do now is to go down on our knees and cry to our Father in Heaven.

  15. Blame the greed of our MP’S on the environment in which they work; i.e a parliament full of idols which are patched in strategic places in parliament building. Some of the symbols of idolatry like a frog whose molding is in parliament signifys greed. There are other demonic structures including the name ‘harambee’ which is actually praise to the indian goddess known as ‘ambee’. Until these parliament and other government offices are cleansed, we Kenyans will have good people in parliament turned to money worshippers by these powers we have allowed in high places.

  16. Surely we need prayers now more than ever. This is un heard of. Our mps who are earning more than enough and not paying any taxes can ask for pay hike when our university graduates, college leavers and school leavers are jobless. Cant they look at the people they are representing? Surely we are in total poverty. Let them not pretent that they dont know. Let them stop threatening because our recomendation is that their present pay be reduced by 30% and they pay taxes. We are tired of their selfish ambitions. May God help our nation.

  17. absolutely yes! They are quite aware that there are other groups such as Police and teathers, that are asking for pay rise.But because of greed, they are pushing for a pay rise instead of hearkening to the cry of These groups who are actually paid below average and yet they do a lot of work. Besides, the MPs are well informed that the financial position of this country is quite worrying. They should be reasonable instead of being greed!!!

  18. All manner of justification that they are trying to peddle to us wouldn’t solve any issue reason being its crazy for someone in this case DIS-HONORABLE MEMBERS to try to raise their salary when they blatantly sleep in the house during parliament proceeding.

  19. The current political status of our Nation is pathetic,
    full of absurdity and madness; no wander the previous unveiling of Onyancha reveals the true picture of the real Kenya we are looking up to and the type of leadership levels we are facing today at all levels :ie POLITICAL ONYANCHAS. ECONOMIC ONYANCHAS, “INTERNATIONAL” ONYANCHAS name them the list is endless. people who will stop at NOTHING less than DIMINISHING our rare resources at the expense of others. the nation indeed needs much intercession from men of upright
    heart able to convince God to act otherwise in favour of the nation. thanks in advance!

  20. Yes! We get the jobs for them, walk to our working places, have a meal once in a day pay taxes for them to have a luxurious life and they keep on skipping house sessions. Its very unfair and greedy to do that.

  21. The parliamentarians paralyzing the proceedings of the August house and not passing bills need to go home. This is one thing indicated in the new constitution gives us the right to recall them… Can we just make some amendments on the current constitution and make these people packing…At least they have benefited from the public coffers for the last two years.

    The Kikuyu have a saying “Wahuna ndokonie Ngai nda” translated when full don’t show your tummy to God. Our parliamentarians are there because of their stomachs and they have tarted showing God.


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