Posted by: Family Media | July 12, 2010

Has the committee of experts failed in their civic education on the draft constitution?

With less than four weeks to the referendum, the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns are at their pick. Politicians are traversing the country trying to woo people in their favour. The media is being used as a tool to advance special interest through placement of adverts by interested groups. Church sermons are now turning into political rallies; talk shows are now focusing on the referendum and the topic of discussion amongst Kenyans on the street is The Draft Constitution.

So many people are having different interpretations and versions of sections of the document, majority of the people do not seem to clearly understand what is contained in the document. Contentious issues are confusing the voters more by the day. The people claiming to have read and understood the document are coming up with new interpretation and new editions seem to be coming up in campaigns and through other avenues.

The churches have not also been left behind, they are very vocal. Prayer rallies have turned into political rallies and in the process, Kenyans have died, maimed and traumatised. People are not being given the opportunity to read, ask questions and make sound and personal decisions on their own.

The few people who have read the document but not fully understood it are turning to the politicians and other leaders for further interpretation. The ripples of civic education are not being felt across the country.

A majority of the voters are educationally disadvantaged; the politicians should not be left with the mandate of educating the public on the draft.

It is the mandate of the Committee of Experts (CoE) to educate people on the contents of the document, people are to direct any questions, seek clarifications and get answers from them. But what is being seen on the media? Political rallies. There is very little on civic education.

Questions then rise; what is the role of the CoE? Why is it that the politicians and religious leaders are more vocal than the CoE? And are they failing in their mandate of civic education?



  1. Yes, the mps need to not only move towards churches on sunday but turn to God for deliverance. It is in this country of ours where we still have the IDs in the tents without any clear answer as to their future, yet the mps are attempting to increase their salaries and they still feel that these IDs need to que for any poll of any nature. Are they being realistic?Kenyan pleaaaase, let us be brothers and sisters without being greed of earthly things.

  2. I think the Kenyan society has taken notice on the kind of leaders that we have and they are ready to do something about it.

  3. first the CoE themselves have been compromised besides lacking a good planning mechanism.

  4. The CoE has done a commendable job so far under the present circumstances of inadequate and delayed funding. The proposed law (draft) is very technical and to expect every Kenyan to understand it is to miss the point. The MPs in Naivasha agreed it was fairly good and passed it in parliament with the knowledge that it can be amended later if need arises. Vested groups, financial opportunists and politicians on either side (Yes or No) have misrepresented the draft making the work of the CoE very difficulty. Kenyans should know that any law however good without strong institutions is open to abuse. The ten commandments is the greatest law the world has known yet it has not stopped the proliferation of evil. What we need is commitment to the ideals in the draft by all of us.

  5. These guys are just a bunch of yes crusanders and have no expertise what so ever.Telling people to Jisomea isn’t civic education is it?they are the people who messed this document after the PSC had formulated a workable document.They are total failures

  6. What they formulated is wrong and disputed. What other education are they giving. If kenyans had to take an exam on it they will fail because the document is wrong so we wrong in everything. By the they are not educating rather they are campaigning for yes.

  7. yes.

  8. I cannot believe this is true!

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  11. actually, politicians had no business getting involved in the civic education since they had their say during the PSC meetings. Their entry has politicised the constitution and hindered proper civic eduaction. What say does the ordinary citizen has in the face of messages being bombarded to them by the yes and no political mandarines?

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