Posted by: Family Media | August 3, 2010

Embrace peace, love and unity

The country is back to the ballot box, this time on constitutional matters. The last time people were voting; the out come was vexing. Innocent lives were lost, hundreds upon hundreds were displaced, brother turned against brother, houses were touched, children were separated from their parents as they fled to safer grounds others were left orphans with no one to take care of them, desperation and helplessness was in the faces of many Kenyans. It was a very difficult time for the country as the economy headed southwards.

Embrace peace; learn to respect the views of your neighbour, however divergent. It is a time to unite and respect each other. At the end of the day, life will continue after the referendum, the country will still be Kenya and you will remain a Kenyan. Let’s embrace the words of the national anthem ‘… natukae na undugu pamoja na amani…’ ‘…may we dwell in unity, peace and liberty…’

Preach peace and encourage your fellow country men and women to do the same.



  1. the referendum is tommorrow!

    • Yes you are right Kenyans should go and vote wisely, with peace in their minds and to always understand that even if the draft fails or passes Kenyans will still remain Kenyans

  2. In one way or other I think history is about to repeat itself the main reason being,believe inGod you will be established and believe in HIs prophets to prosper I tell you I believe no will take the day and kenyans will have shown political maturity step1.

    Muthiora Mwathi

  3. i guess as a firm christian who understands properly God’s word with no argument Kenyans should be given a priority by the church to vote whichever side one’s feels comfortable in without threats from any or any kind of sabotage

  4. The church should accept the verdict of the peolpe and plot the next course of action peacefully. The church should carefully consider taking the path of negotiation the principals offerred instead of taking the verdict as if the government has taken the path to destruction. Let us now engage another gear of prayer to see that the negotiations succeed.

    Let’s remember the battle is about getting a righteous constitution and our responsibility still remains that we should pray for those in authority so that God turns their heart to follow him and we live in peace.

    It would be tragic if we take a combative stand against the people and leaders who saw things differently as many christians seems to be taking. That is the way of peace, love and unity.

  5. I take this opportunity to thank God for the peaceful referendum we had as a nation. Indeed the Lord is on our side.
    Pr 21:31 The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety(Victory) is of the LORD. Many people’s wishes came to be and so were many whose wishes never came to be. I believe that All things work together for good…(Rom 8:28ff) nothing ought to separate us from the Lord or from one another. We are one nation and the days ahead are ordained by God.

    It is not time to sit and think all will fall in place. But even as in every jigsaw puzzle, all pieces fit in the place after proper scrutiny and skillfully setting it in. This constitution shall work on when as Kenyans we shall together walk with the purpose of making a better Kenya for our children and those behind them. IT IS A TIME FOR THE HEALING OF OUR LAND.

    God bless Kenya

  6. Praise be to GOD.As the body of Christ let us now invest in preparing for the coming of our lord Jesus Christ.I invested so much praying for the draft constitution.Christ heard and in a dream i heard a voice asking “Are you ready for my coming back?”I was shown a scroll where sins of the church in Kenya have been written.Selfishness and jealousy among others.Let us repent and seek Christ righteousness.

  7. It is instructive that Crossroads hasnt posted since August 3rd. For those of us who work in Civil Society this is no surprise!! Crossroads your participation in this process should not come to an end just because the Referendum is over.

    It was repeatedly claimed that the Church has been a vital actor in the reform process. I know this to be untrue. I only remember a segment of the Church playing their part in the struggle akina Muge, Kuria, Njoya, Kizito etc. The truth is that most of the Church clergy was fast asleep in those difficult and dark days.

    And so I feel compelled to remind you that it is your civic duty (which is also your Biblical duty) to use your platform to keep people engaged. There are 70 Acts of Parliament to pass, two major commissions to form, an entire Judiciary to vet. CHURCH DO NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP.

  8. My fellow Kenyans lets not take chances but stand to seek the face to the Lord in decision making,acting and involve God first before turning out to be cruel harsh point fingers at others and act as if Christ deserted you for a while indeed our saviour fled from some of us because of how we were out there acting like you are fighting your own battle. Christians the battle to rule the world was by thorax, the prophets waited until God gave directions and they never failed. Their prophecies worked, non-believers were shocked and amazed because God worked through them. Give caeser what belongs to caeser and Christ what is his. Beloved of God don’t ever be strong when hope is gone. The violent take it by force don’t give up fight for this day. Referandum battle wasn’t a fight to reach the kingdom of God, Do a spritual fight and do not be a public figure in fighting for worldly leadership or victory, preach God’s wisdom and spririt led action dear brethren. We were disappointed for sure.

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