Posted by: Family Media | August 24, 2010

Promulgation of the new constitution

There is an exciting atmosphere ahead of the promulgation of the new constitution on the 27th of August in the country. Now the real work begins.



  1. I think we should be sensitive to the Lord’s leading on this,by the way we are encouraged not to trust in the arm of the flesh for it shall surely fail,thanks

  2. I agree Ezekiel, God allowed this “faulty” Constitution to pass… I believe in the sovereignty of God. If He did not want it to pass, He would have gone a different way.

    Our sensitivity to the leading and prompting of the Lord will and shall take this nation forward. Remember God fearing men and women still faired on and prospered even in captivity.

    We as Christian ought to be given to much prayer and intercession for this nation. Remembering that even though we are not of this world God has given us the authority to be plentiful. Through prayer we will change the course of this nation. Through prayer we will raise the alter of the Almighty God and through prayer the alters of Baal and other gods will come tumbling down.

    God eye are moving to and fro seeking those whose hearts are steadfast on Him to Show Himself faithful. Are we going to be a prayerful people or are we going to continue with the bickering and blabbering is it has been in the past?

    E.M. Bounds said that what is lacking on our pulpits is prayer, prayer makes a preacher and prayer makes a preacher’s message acceptable to the people- In this case to the nation.

  3. Well,after the passing of the constitution Constitution Christians should wakeup now. Pastors should now advice their members to Register as voters and more so to know the importance of voting eg mombasa pasters should have strategies of how to win seats in this town

    • The only way to infect/effect change in this nation is to have praying men involved in the daily running of the Nation. I wonder if many of the church leaders to day will at the end of their days say we served our generation well…

      Not only so, How many will stand and say they were self less and not self indulgent? Let us search our hearts before we plunge into all this.

  4. i think as a church we should concentrate much on doing things which belongs to God and we as the church we continue praying for our nation instead of up and down things.

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