Posted by: Family Media | September 7, 2010

Is the Church to blame for societal moral decay?

There is so much moral decay in the society that could be associated to a number of things such as poverty, unemployment, and media to mention but a few. It has become normal to see children of primary level education in bars with their parents during the school holidays, nudity in the media has become the ‘in thing’ of any program, marriages are not seeing the light of day and abortion is happening right left and centre.

Where is the church in all this? Is it high time that more emphasis was put on moral? Do you think if the church focused more on morals as compared to politics then some of these things would not be happening?



  1. The church has a moral obligation to play in the society and is responsible for the current excess moral decay.Presently the people have lost faith in some of the church leaders as a result of contradicting their mission by taking partisan political stands.

  2. One cannot afford to be general. There are some church leaders who are not doing anything to help the situation and there are others who are downright making it worse…..but there are some true servants of God in church leaders.

  3. The church has a role to play in the society but we also need to remember the scripture’s warning that in the last days evil will increase significantly. we can not wholly condemn the church and its leaders, because there are some who are working hard for the social good. Ultimately people have choices to make and this determines whether they will be morally upright as God expects or morally corrupt thus siding with the world. The church only role is to be the prophet in and to the world. Let those who have ears hear what the prophet says.

    Kang’ethe Wa Mwangi.

  4. The church has a role in teaching and preaching on issues of morality according to the Holy Bible. It is also commissioned to reach out to people with the gospel to the ends of the world. But it depends on individuals to make a choice to uphold the morals following the narrow path or go the broad way. The church can take you to the river but it cannot make you drink the water!!!!!!!!!!! if you may. Christians should be the role models of good morals in this world. If christians lived according to chritian teachings, values and according to the word of God in the Bible the world would be different today.
    Phoebe Omondi

  5. Luke 11:29 And when a great number of people came together to him, he said, This generation is an evil generation: it is looking for a sign and no sign will be given to it but the sign of Jonah. 30 For even as Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites, so will the Son of man be to this generation. 32 The men of Nineveh will come up in the day of judging and give their decision against this generation: for they were turned away from their sins at the preaching of Jonah; but now something greater than Jonah is here. 33 No man, when the light has been lighted, puts it in a secret place, or under a vessel, but on its table, so that those who come in may see the light.(BBE)

    The society has chosen to live in rebellion to the ways of God and has distanced itself from God. When they come to God they wanna come to Him on their terms forgetting that the clay can’t say to the potter make me like this!

    This nevertheless doesn’t mean that the church(Christians) ought to shut the society out. We are to be proactive. When Jesus sent the 72 he told them I send you as lambs amongst wolves… In other words You could be eaten up alive… But be harmless anyway Be Lambs. The church has somehow in the love for the sinner has taken more worldliness/carnal in the name of being seeker friendly. The other extreme is where we have come to be too holy that we become so legalistic and wanting every body to fit in our tunnel vision of righteousness and salvation.

    As I have for a long time believed, our impact to the nations comes from the time we spend in fellowship with God. Transformation is what follows and when people see individuals, families, churches communities change the nation would itself change. In the days of the Wesleyan revival it is said that in a certain town in he UK am man went wanting to get boozed and couldn’t find a single pub. They had all closed down. Not from the brother’s pounding on the ills of alcoholism but preaching the good news of the Kingdom of God.

    As Christians and the church, the transformation ought to be seen starting with the least to the leaders… It ought to be time that we crave for spiritual milk and grow to eating the spiritual meat. This is the responsibility of everyone called a Christian.

  6. to my personal opinion I thinkchurch has loast direction in that they chew more than they can swalow.let us separet light from dark ness by leaving politics to polititians and by doing that, thel win christians trust. Darkness and light will neaver bleand.

  7. The church has lost direction.No many words to say that.We reflect dimly the face of the apostolic church.We maintain a public friendly face,but inside what we do to the other is nowhere near human,farther from godly.Now,I am a mainstream theologian,but I do not care-I agree with prophet Owuor of repetance and holiness:God simply wants the church to seek His face in shame,pain,tears!And yes,If mainstream church calls us for Uhuru park Repetance and holiness seeking service[they cant anyway]I will show up before birds are awake.

  8. Is the Church to blame?Well, first and foremost the constituents of the church are us, the believers.I hope in saying the church is to blame in essence we are pointing a finger at ourselves. My response is 3 fold. First we are to blame because of the double standards we have in our congregations. The are rules that apply to the affluent and to those not affluent. Second, we have created unrealistic expectations on those we label ‘servants of God’.In doing this we forget they are men and women who can error. These expectations have resulted in some feeling they are elites or special and as such cannot adhere to certain general principles in the faith. Disunity is the child of this situation. Finally, in Bible prophecy there are victors and victims, though in both human responsibility contributes to the 2 results. Clearly the scripture shows that moral decay in our epoch of time will be gross. I don’t expect the decay to lessen.It will be worse. What should our response be?Jesus asked whether he will find faith on earth towards the end of days. It’s a call to each individual in the community of the faith to live the Christian life faithfully.

  9. The Church. who is the bride of CHrist are those who have been purchased and cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb and those who continuually walk after Jesus Christ Who is the Shepherd of the Sheep.
    There are 3 levels in the congragations that normally are called “church”
    1. the unconverted, non believers church goers
    2. the carnal christians who follow not after the master
    3. the true followers of Christ who have taken the cross and follow after their Master, whose love is still strong despite.

    It was so even in Jesus’ time.

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