Posted by: Family Media | September 13, 2010

As Christians, have we lost the first love and become intolerant?

Christianity’s core value is to love your neighbour, treat people like you would like them to treat you and learn to accommodate each other.

However, something interesting came up towards the end of last week.

Rev. Terry Jones, who is the head of a small church in Florida, declared that he would burn copies of the Quran on September 11th. His sentiments did not resonate well and there were all manners of criticisms from top U.S Generals, White House and Religious Leaders. His idea is considered by many as insensitive.

If these are the kind of people leading Churches, have Christians lost their first love and are they becoming intolerant?



  1. chritstians especially the clergy have really crossed the line by taking things into their own hands not considering their fellow disciples,this is very wrong.
    as christians we should love our neighbours and not to mess with their lively hood as Jesus once said “give unto ceasers what is ceasers and God’s what is God’s”jesus didn’t bother therefore as christians we should concentrate with our spiritual life before medling into the lives of others.

  2. Hello all, Dennis makes good points. One observation though is that Jesus cared and confronted wickedness with truth. He told pharisees they were stumbling blocks. He chased traders out of the temple. Jesus said no one sees the Father except thru Him. That does not seem tolerant. But its the truth. Islam has created problems globally and they need to be addressed. Some have come to Christ in tears but He dries them. Its not the will of God that any should perish. I believe too much tolerance isn’t good, given that it’s led favouring one religion in the former and current constitution.

  3. On the issue of whether we have lost our first love, clearly we have, there are so many paradoxes in our world and culture that our love gets affected. Depending on the choices we have made, we would possibly loose this first love.

    On the the second part of the question on intolerance, we must remember that as christians we are saved by grace. We were saved (Justified), we are being saved (sanctified), and we shall be saved at the end of days (glorified) all these are works of grace. We are capable of making the most foolish of mistakes and sins. We are wrong many times in pointing at the bishops who are men and women as we are. Intolerance is a vice that exists among all men, though we are christians, we are men (in the neuter) and as such we are intolerant. It would be unfair to point a finger at Christians only. Are muslims, hindus, bahai, sikhs, buddhists, new agers etc. intolerant? Of course they are.

    I do not have a one way solution to this quagmire we are in but I can speculatively foresee something. The pieces in a game of chess are being moved and very soon or later it will be check mate. I am not a pessimistic but with all the developments in religion, science and technology among others, man has not succeeded in bring peace within himself or his neighbours. I believe slowly we shall ebb our way towards a near extinction event. One possibility is a war! I think this war will be Religious because the couldrons of intolerance are boiling high and there may be no one as yet to cool them off.

    My take is for the prudent in Christ’s body, be tolerant for the sake of winning people to Christ. That’s our calling in essence. Let’s leave the unknown to God.

  4. i for one did not have issues with the Pst wanting to burn the Koran.if there was sth that was misleading masses wouldn’t you want it burned if not banned?

    eg is it intolerant to burn porn dvds as they mislead masses?it is how the media hyped it dat made it look a bit bad.

    i think believers should not be tolerant on matters of life and death/heaven and hell.the same way God is not tolerant

  5. My opinion is that it is true that we as Christians have to be tolerant of others but not to a level where we act as bystanders when evil is going on. What i mean is that Christians will be doing wrong if they remain quiet when evil is being perpetrated. The burning of the Quran is not justified because it makes the world look at Christians in a negative light. But when we allow legislations that enforce immorality to be passed without question, that is an extreme level of tolerance. The moral decay taking shape throughout the world should be a wake up call to all Christians.

    Remember that a good nation falls when evil goes on and the righteous men do nothing about it.
    God bless!

  6. I have often said that People who call themselves Christians and Muslims should be run out of town. Because they are the worst form of pretenders. Religion divides people and creates hatred.

    But seeing that it is impossible to achieve that feat, I decided to drop that tag Christian. I no longer regard myself as a christian, but a simple disciple of the word of God.

    Christianity is a fashion which is not a basic need to me. We all know that fashions come and go, but those who truly abide by God forever remain truthful to their cause, for the just liveth by faith.

    Christianity is Babylon reincarnated. Only true revival will raise the true Church out of it. What we see today is the world dwelling in the temples, warming the benches for the real followers of God who will come during the revival.

  7. I think sometimes people misunderstand tolerance. It is noteworthy that when the Lord came to earth his intolerance was actually on the Religious pharisees and teachers of the Law. There were many Romans, cretans, etc who were polytheistic and yet he did not condemn them as he did those in Judaism!

    Those who know the truth yet live the lie, in principle should not be tolerated. This I think is the Lord’s principle. When we look at Islam, Hinduism, Bahaism etc, these people are actually decieved. When some brothers and sisters say we should not tolerate them, we are actually taking a wrong approach.

    Tolerance is based on the exercise of free will. In the OT God’s revelation then demanded and probably forced submission to the Torah. In this epoch of Grace, man’s free will is to be respected. No one should force the gospel on anyone.

    Let’s share the gospel and allow people to reject or accept. We get preoccupied with intolerant rhetoric when in our Kenyan context we have not yet fulfilled the great commission. Out of the 46 people groups or more, 22 are still least reached with the gospel. Most of these are located in muslim areas.

    What plans are we formulating as disciples, or followers, or seekers of Christ, to reach these. We may disagree on definations but on practice let’s agree on reaching our world with Christ’s gospel.

  8. Fact is there are many wrongs and ills committed in the name of religion. When we consider Christianity as a religion there are vices / intolerances that we will consider virtue. A good example is that of the crusaders who in the name of Christ went butchering people of different religions forcing them to turn to Christianity. Today the mention of the word crusade to the Islamic nations tastes like gravel in the mouth.

    Nevertheless, Jesus had a way of not conforming with his times and yet bringing the truth forthrightly to the people. That i why in the gospels we read that the pharisees sought to kill him but feared/couldn’t because… Understanding who he was Jesus dared call Herod “that fox”, He marches to Jerusalem know well he would be killed, enters and turns the tables in the temple and whipping them. Yet when one of his disciples chops a man’s ear, he says “If I had wanted any defense I would have called for the angels from heaven.”

    This same Jesus, goes into a pharisees house and a woman of bad repute comes breaking the alabaster box with costly perfume- it anger all in different ways. For Judas “it could have paid an 8month wage- He forgot that Jesus would ask Peter to get a cash from a fish to pay taxes and all the people fed in the wilderness. The pharisees wonder if he truly is a holy man by allowing the woman to touch him. Jesus in the end says and wherever this gospel-good news shall be preached this woman shall be mentioned- yet we don even know her name.

    On whether we have lost our first love, We need to understand that in the last days the love of many shall grow cold. Turning the other cheek or going that extra mile doesn’t mean that you are a fool. Neither does compromise nor conformity mean tolerance. However I find Paul’s Admonition to the church in Rome to live in the Spirit and further to the Galatians that by living the Spirit they would not gratify the works of the flesh comforting. Because in this we are able to discern and judge what it right and true.

    As for Pastor Terry Jones, What was his motive? and did he do the right thing. Listening to him, he said that he wanted to prove that Islam was an intolerant religion. In doing so we did not hear any voice of reason from their quarters however we did from the “Christian” side. Louise Farkhan of the Nation of Islam on ALjazeera turned it to be a campaign on the injustices of Christianity over Islam. Some Christians were killed in Pakistan because of this. His act was foolish and would have escalated the religious tensions already existing.

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