Posted by: Family Media | September 20, 2010

Will vetting of judges bring sanity to the justice system?

For a very long time, the Kenyan judiciary system has been known as an institution that works only for the rich. It’s been marred by all sorts of negativity, the rich have always gotten their way through the corridors of justice; innocent people have been sent behind bars and left in anguish for a crime they did not take part in while the culprits are left scot free.

This has culminated to people loosing hope in the system. A number of times you will hear of cases that have been there for years without any form of judgement being declared on them, files upon files are gathering dust with no hope of them being attended to soon. It has reached a point whereby, at times, society decides to take the law into its own hand. Disputes are best sorted out of court. People have lost valuable property to some scrupulous individuals. The oppressed continue to be more oppressed, yet the system is there to ensure that they have a platform to be heard and justice done for them.

Now that we have a new constitution which stipulates that judges should be vetted; will things change? Will the country start seeing a system that is just, transparent and applies to all despite your financial status? Will it restore confidence among people?



  1. the judicial service is populated by Kenyans. The manners or lack thereof is a Kenyan thing! for state of things in our nation to change, we the people of Kenya Must change. we MUST START ASKING OURSELVES like JF Kennedy WHAT WILL I DO FOR KENYA RATHER THAN WHAT WILL KENYA DO FOR ME!

    God will help us along the way – the vetting of Judicial officers is a good start in the re-Branding of the Nation Kenya.

  2. I agree with Muthiora, to effect change begins with me. Am I willing to have a paradigm shift and courageous enough to walk away from the status quo? With the advent of the new constitutional dispensation we are already seeing Kenyans moving in the right direction.

    In the just concluded 3 bi elections we have seen the people who came in the name of their godfathers brought down by the Gideons of our time. Saying this, Kenyans were disappointed when they in 2002 ushered what was called the 2nd liberation by euphorically voting in the NARC government but found that they were duped and had gone back to the rut. With the same momentum and the checks in the current constitution we are capable of making change happen. There is and shall be a new way of doing things and the many who hate change will be bundled out.

    Questions arising are who vets the judges; and what is the plumb line? If they shall be allowed to do it themselves without any safeguards the black sheep will be judged amongst the white for the want of color. Yet with the same constitutional standard they will be sieved out- The paradox is that they still go home with a hefty paycheck till they die. Personally I think that is absurd. For how on earth would I be paid while am not working?

  3. Quite motivating to see what kenyans with positive minds desire for the future of this country.

  4. Haha…i laugh coz its the very same individuals and sympathisers in the civil society(if they will be involved in the first place) that will do the vetting.The constitution is a very good document with framework to ‘revolutionise’ our country if implemented.As long as its the very same system mindset that people will run with,well the document may as well gather dust on the public service shelves.

  5. Sweet blog, I had not noticed earlier during my searches!
    Keep up the superb work!

    • to tbnf
      thank you for the promotion but i think this kenyan pple we must awake oour mind and ears to see
      they said that there are 10 pple then we heard 8 then 6 now it is 2 it seems that there is raila and kibaki ok
      let them not play with our mind coz we are now sleep but one eyes open

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