Posted by: Family Media | September 29, 2010

Is the Government backstabbing the ICC or will it keep to its word?

Will the government of Kenya backtrack on its promise to cooperate with the ICC? Will they surrender the documents being sought by the international court to facilitate investigations? And will they hand over the suspects when that time come?
After the post 2007/08 violence, the government vowed to ensure that justice prevails. It promised to cut down on impunity and ensure the main culprits face the law at the end of the day. How will they do this, is it through the ICC. The idea was welcomed by an entertaining majority.

As a matter of fact, they even came up with a slogan ‘Don’t be Vague, go to The Hague’.
It seemed like a new dawn for the country. For the first time in the country’s history, powerful government officials would be held responsible for their actions. The ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo promised to make Kenya an example.

But as the clock ticks, we are seeing government officials jump boat, reading from different scripts and saying that, under the New Constitution, Kenya has got the power to handle post-election violence suspects and that the ICC should withdraw the case.
So a number of questions come into mind. After promising to cooperate with the ICC, the government is falling back on its word? Or will it keep to its word?



  1. Its a sad state of affairs that we are in.In my view,the government in the real sense has never been willing to co-operate with ICC to ensure perpetrators are prosecuted.This is probably because the two big fish are in the government high ranking positions.This means for the IDP’s justice is still a long way off.Last night,one of the media ran a story with a Minsiter saying that if Ocampo will not arrest anyone before January,ati he should pack and go early next year since,the country will shift focus to 2012 politics.

  2. What can i say h hop the govement will keep it promise and not hide some of it’s pple.let pray 4 kenya may God help us.

  3. After a close look at how Rwanda has been critisized by the international community, i have my doubts if that is where Kenyans will get the justice the deserve. President Kagame has done a pretty good job to get his country back on track without corruption or land grabbing. Now he’s the bad guy?

    How and when did everything make such a big turnaround. I believe there’re those who want his seat and are willing to do anything to get there, even smearing the name of a hardworking man with a vision for his nation.

    It’s not that our judicial system can be trusted either, however, could it be we can only get justice from God Almighty Himself.

    By the way, what happened to Dr. Quinn? My Saturdays just haven’t been the same without her on the screen.

  4. the Rome statute that established the ICC says the “leader” is fully responsible for the action of his/her junior in the committing a crime against mankind. Hence if the ODM/PNU factions were involved in the PEV the the first people to be indicted are the leaders of the 2 organization-the principals-, and that is our problem as a country – ICC IS JUST A PR effort by those that want to pretend they love this country!

    USA , though they keep talking about ICC, are not signatory to it and your guess is as good as mine why not!

    Only God can save us from ourselves! Let us remember that – the only thing that is needed for evil to increase ,is for the good people to remain silent!

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