Posted by: Family Media | November 26, 2010

What next?

Parliament dealt a blow last evening as it failed to meet the set November 27th deadline for the implementation committee to be set up.

What this basically means is, according to the LSK chair, that the country has been plunged into a constitutional crisis.

What next? The citizens played their role in through the ballot, the principle forwarded the names to parliament but parliament did not make the 90 day deadline.

Is the issue of the constitution being politicized?



  1. The sooner , as Kenyans, We wake up to the realization that ” if you change the forests and keep the same Monkeys, the character of the Forest will not change” the sooner our dream of a developed country called Kenya will be achieved! Who is surprised by what happened? Did you read the list of the nominees? it read like who is who in the PNU/ODM Axis ! Didn’t we have Kenyans who are qualified who are not aligned to the two?? Atleast I know 2 who were not EVEN CONSIDERED!

    It was a joke and mockery of Kenyans intelligence for a SON of former Cabinet to say he has no political affiliation! he is a beneficially of the corrupt Nyayo regime how can he be neutral?

    My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we must remember that we are the Esther’s of this age: and the question that you and I must ask our self is” why has God allowed us to be in Kenya at A TIME LIKE THIS? Let us pray and fast for our Nation that the Lord of Host will raise Men and Women of integrity to take us to the promised land- where the Lord God will be the Lord of all.

  2. one can argue that it can go both ways

  3. Wht the paliament is doing is draging the prosses.may.could they be hidding something?

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