Posted by: Family Media | September 28, 2010

Is ICC healing for the Nation?

Now that Louis Moreno-Ocampo is expected to jet into the country any time next month, what do Kenyans expect of him? Is he the solution to their trouble? Will he heal the wounded hearts? What are some of the possible solutions? Or are people expecting too much from him?

Louis Moreno-Ocampo has become a house hold name in the country; people believe that he has the solution to the country’s teething problem. Visit the villages and towns, ask them to describe the man and you will get all sorts of answers and descriptions. But they all have one thing in common; they paint the man as a ‘saviour’, the only person who, currently, can avert repercussions of the violence that took place in 2007/08.

But who’s this man called Ocampo? For starters, he is the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) based at The Hague. So what is his main aim? To bring an end to impunity in the country. This is a rampant problem amongst Kenyan leaders; they do anything knowing that they will not be asked. This has caused so much trouble and pain in the country. So what are some of the possible solution(s)? Is it in Kenyans themselves? Or is the ICC the solution for the Nation? Where is the church in all this? Could it be our only solution?

Posted by: Family Media | September 20, 2010

Will vetting of judges bring sanity to the justice system?

For a very long time, the Kenyan judiciary system has been known as an institution that works only for the rich. It’s been marred by all sorts of negativity, the rich have always gotten their way through the corridors of justice; innocent people have been sent behind bars and left in anguish for a crime they did not take part in while the culprits are left scot free.

This has culminated to people loosing hope in the system. A number of times you will hear of cases that have been there for years without any form of judgement being declared on them, files upon files are gathering dust with no hope of them being attended to soon. It has reached a point whereby, at times, society decides to take the law into its own hand. Disputes are best sorted out of court. People have lost valuable property to some scrupulous individuals. The oppressed continue to be more oppressed, yet the system is there to ensure that they have a platform to be heard and justice done for them.

Now that we have a new constitution which stipulates that judges should be vetted; will things change? Will the country start seeing a system that is just, transparent and applies to all despite your financial status? Will it restore confidence among people?

Posted by: Family Media | September 13, 2010

As Christians, have we lost the first love and become intolerant?

Christianity’s core value is to love your neighbour, treat people like you would like them to treat you and learn to accommodate each other.

However, something interesting came up towards the end of last week.

Rev. Terry Jones, who is the head of a small church in Florida, declared that he would burn copies of the Quran on September 11th. His sentiments did not resonate well and there were all manners of criticisms from top U.S Generals, White House and Religious Leaders. His idea is considered by many as insensitive.

If these are the kind of people leading Churches, have Christians lost their first love and are they becoming intolerant?

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